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Supplements on Muscle Building

Supplements on Muscle Building Taking supplements is good for ones body.  But what is it exactly you are taking. What is your diet like, do you need them, extra just go to waste.   When you get to a certain point, steroids are the answer and not supplements, and no matter what you believe if you take steroids, supplements don’t even compare at ALL.

There is really only 2 times I can really pin point where supplements should be taken.   When you are coming off a steroid cycle and are in PCT.

Supplements OR…

Two you are on a low calorie strict diet, where your body is not getting the nutrients from food that it needs.

A short list of 3 supplements should be checked out.   Multi Vitamin, protein powder only isolate, and Amino Acids.

Any other product is really a waisted of time.  Fish Oils are great for your body but you can get them from foods, and really your body does not need it.   Do you no that at each sitting every 3hrs your body only can really take in 30-50mg of protein, and the rest will just turn to fat.  Same thing with vitamins and all the other supplements to much of some things is not a good thing.  You may have all the vitamin B you need, so why are you spending money on Vitamin B pills.

I will actually state that i do feel that Creatine gets brought up a lot and for PCT.  The reason why so many people bulk up on creatine is that it bloats your muscle with water.  END OF STORY.   So in the end you really aunt helping yourself or your liver with creatine when coming off steroids.  Steroid will mostly put excess water on your body, along with all the muscle you earned, when you get off the cycle you loose this water weight and you shrink a little bit, so when you take creatine your just replacing the water lost from the steroids and there really not doing anything for you at all.  SUPPLEMENTS are a waisted.

Steroids need no help, unless its help from another steroids.  For example Test and dball, TEST E kicks in 4 weeks after the injections strong, so what you do is take the dbol pills usa for the first 4 weeks of the cycle so that you are constantly gaining and getting bigger instead of waiting.

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  1. I really don’t know where to start. I don’t think I can agree with anything you writen there. I love to see a solid scientific link stateting only 50mg of protein can be used every 3 hours and the rest turns to fat. I just read that, that is a very popular bodybuilding myth. I keep seeing the number 40g though. Supplements are wayyy over rated but your information is just plain wrong.
    Also, you should research creatine. Your comments on that were laughable.

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