8 Week Cutting Cycle for Athletes and Bodybuilders

8 Week Cutting Cycle

Here is a simple cutting diet and all the relevant training dieting information to go along with it.

8 Week Cutting Cycle

WEEKS 1-8 : Winstrol 50mg Every Day – Buy Winstrol USA
WEEKS 1-6 : Trenabol 75mg Every Day – British Dragon Trenabol USA
WEEKS 1-8 : Testosterone Propionate 100mg Every Other Day – Propionat for Sale by British Dragon
WEEKS 4-8 : Masteron 100mg Every Other Day – Masteron 100 USA


With this cycle PCT should start at week 8

WEEK 8: 40mg Tamoximed/100mg Clomid daily
WEEK 9: 30mg Tamoximed/ 50mg Clomid daily
WEEK 10: 20mg Tamoximed/ 50mg Clomid daily


Eat every 3 hours – 5/6 times a day

Calories should be aprox 1000 less than your normal daily intake using a 40/40/20 method (40% protein , 40% carbs , 20% fat)

8 Week Cutting Cycle Source: steroidscycles.net

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