Watch out for fake steroids. Stay away from Scammers.

Showing you how to stay away from scammers is easy. But also finding legit steroids from real pharmacys is what oyu are looking for. Underground steroids are dangerous and can carry metals, and other dangerous materials that may cause infections.

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Everything you need to Start using Anabolic Steroids.

There are a few steps when buying Anabolic Steroids. Safety comes first to mind, but also real steroids and not fakes. So to help any new users, find there way into the game and to stop the hours of searching, the following steps are listed here for you.

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GenShi Labs Cuts stack 300 and 750

Genshi labs Is a Pham Grade lab. This product is a great cut stack, ahd should be run from 4 to 12 weeks. 150 to 300mg injections should be taken every other day. As with any steroids i suggest starting at the lower dose to see how well your body takes to it.

Side effects: Acne, Hairloss, liver and kidney, gyno

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