Legit Steroids Sources

When find a legit steroids sources online you really have to search to no who is source and who is not.  A number of forums like www.hypermuscles.com can help you find out who is real and who is not just by looking here on there forum a scammers section, http://www.hypermuscles.com/f120/

There you will see that there are many scammers, just members looking to rip off, to full websites just looking legit to steal your money. 

Selective scammers are what you will find to be websites that scam every other person.  So you and your friend buy steroids with bitcoins from the same place, he gets his but you do not get yours.  Why is this, well because you were select scammed he made double the money and lost little stock.  They do this to make it look like they are legit and serious but in the end they will turn it around and call you a liar. 

Just being scammed sucks, anyone trying to scam you, you can find out quite easily who this will be.  Google search the name of the place with the word ripped off or scamed. EXAMPLE Axiolabs ripped me off. You will find either a couple people which usually means they are the ones lying.  Or you will find alot of people that got ripped of by somone else.  You will beable to choose good from bad when trying a new steroid. 

If you want a legit steroid source look at how long a company has been around, if they are new then they probley can be to reliable, if they been around for a years for example www.gbnstore.net then you will notice that you can make a safe purchase here and they will talk and help you on there website just give it a visit.

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  1. I keep seeing the number 40g though. Supplements are wayyy over rated but your information is just plain wrong.

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