Were do I Begin When Trying Steroids.

Were do I Begin When Trying Steroids.When first getting into the use of Anabolic Steroids you will want to do a bit of research.  A great way for anyone to learn is to join a well known Forum base.  This is where many Body Builders who start off just like you and will go and join www.hypermuscles.com 

After they do this, they start to post about there stats, how old they are and what the bench, curl.  You will meet online many other weight lifters looking to reach the same goals.  When you hear alot of problems about steroids it is because alot of people just buy whatever they hear about and hurt them self.   You on the other hand now have the heads up, you joined www.hypermuscles.com and you met abunch of new friends online who can tell you what to start with and how to go about your diet and working out.  Great right, why not take advantage of doing this. 

After you do this not only will you receive a great diet for what you want to look like, you will beable to learn a good begginer cycle for you to take so that you can be on your way.  Next you will learn about PCT and you will never have any problems while you cycle, you will be as safe as possible and no all the little secrets that your friends do not no. 

Next on the list all your new friends will tell you about great sources like www.gbnstore.net   A source is where you can go to get safe and reliable steroids, not somthing dangerous that will harm you.  You will no what to buy and how much to buy so that you are all set. 


diet/workout routine/ how to get into competitions/steroids/sources/cycles/pct

Now you are already on your way, you have some knowledge of where to start.   I would also like to point out, no question is a dumb question over at www.hypermucles.com everyone is happy to talk to you and enjoy a good convo, nothing you ask will be stupid, it will be explained to you why it will or will not work.   Everyone is there to help and help you succeed.

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  1. Also, you should research creatine. Your comments on that were laughable.

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