ZMRC lab from United Kingdom.


Today we introduce Zaria Muscle Research Center, shortly ZMRC. This UG Lab popped up on the market last week in UK. No feedback so far.
You can see they offer caplets instead of caps or tabs and their injectables differ from what you get used to. We see no holograms nor any security numbers.

If you happened to hear about this lab, please post in the comment secition. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you beforehand.


ZMRC vials

ZMRC stromba 10 and Dianabol

ZMRC-stromba 10

ZMRC-methenolone acetate

ZMRC-nandrolone decanoate


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  1. im using zmrc dianabol 15mg at d price of rs.2200 fr 100 their any cheaper rates available..??

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