ZMRC lab from United Kingdom.


Today we introduce Zaria Muscle Research Center, shortly ZMRC. This UG Lab popped up on the market last week in UK. No feedback so far.
You can see they offer caplets instead of caps or tabs and their injectables differ from what you get used to. We see no holograms nor any security numbers.

If you happened to hear about this lab, please post in the comment secition. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you beforehand.


ZMRC vials

ZMRC stromba 10 and Dianabol

ZMRC-stromba 10

ZMRC-methenolone acetate

ZMRC-nandrolone decanoate


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51 Comments on “ZMRC lab from United Kingdom.”

  1. I am on a middle of a 4 weeks cycle with dianabol from ZMRC (also doing an 8 weeks cycle with sus and deca from Pharma XL)
    Dbol are ok, noticed a very good increase in my lifting after 24h. Feeling twice stronger. (iam on 30mg/day)

  2. yea the d bol ive had good gains in 3 weeks ive packed on 14 pounds so id say were the real deal running it at 40 mg a day

  3. I’ve just purchased some dianabol 10mg. haven’t tried it yet but looks good. I need a reliable website to buy from though cos I’ve recently been ripped off by anybody have a reliable one?

  4. I got ripped off too by still haven’t found a reliable source. Hard to find these days

  5. Bin using zaria gear for a while now. There test 35o is rocket problems with zaria. Ther dbol is banging!!

  6. They also do ‘tri-tren 2oo’ everybodys ravin about it. Id recomend stuff!!

  7. I know of 1 site that people i know have purchased of. Slc health-fitness its in uk. Also on facebook. Ther legit but abit pricey though. Just ask about in the gym if i were you though.theres always somebody who can help. Good luck

  8. ive had the Dbol. Taking 50ml a day my strength went through the roof, gained 6lb in 4week. Not the best gain but i did pyramid up to 50ml over the 4 weeks. Im happy with the progress so far.

  9. Top stuff. Im on their dbol (50mg), tri-tren, EQ and supertest 3 x a week. Gained alot of freaky mass, combined with my adex and HGH (10iu eod) im tight, full and dry….people call me the sauna.

  10. been on the test cyp now for bout 3 sum gud gains already,price of gear gud 2 compared to wot one lad in warrington is chargin.i recommend zmrc

  11. been on zmrc dbol (60mg a day) for 2 weeks, strength up a bit over last few days. No gains at all. Reckon they are massively underdosed (2mg per tab)

  12. ps. If its uk lab why put nigeria address!? Strange. Im switching to BR Blue hearts!

  13. In the middle of a cycle of Anadrol 100, i’ve notice great strength gains but not a great deal of mass. Seems unlikely for 100mg of drol, anyone noticed the same with Zaria stuff?

  14. ive just finished zaria tri-tren and my gains in strengh i cant complain about but my size and shape awsome,i personally think zaria is the best about at present

  15. been taking zmrc dbol, it is underdosed no doubt but how much? Also get really bad acid reflux from them. Ie heartburn that rennies wont cure.

    pink dbols for me from now on.

  16. Ive curently finished a 8wk course of (zmrc) test-35o 2ml a wk. Test enan 2ml a wk. 5 dbol a day. All zmrc gear. Got excellent gains of it. Ther test 35o is top stuff!! U should not be paying more than £45 a vial. Although ther deca is a little underdosed. Here is a site i have recently bin using Gud prices n fast delivery. Try a small order 1st. Thats wot i did.

  17. i have also started the anadrol 100 mg been on them for about 3 weeks i hav noticed massive strength gains but not much mass gains although have seemed to retain alot of water in my face does anyone else have an opinion on these ???

  18. i dont think am guna try any more zmrc gear ive had 30ml of decca and test enan in 7 week and ive only gaind a couple of pound???(i could do that natural in that time) not much difference in strenth either????, must be fake, i would stay well clear of this stuff its a waste of money

  19. Taking 50mg of dbol for first 3 weeks, absolutely nothing so I went upto 80mg over last week and walla put on 8pound.
    So ther 100% underdosed, I would change to some other dbol next as the price is too high to take 8 a day.

    Try cidoteston with them. Mint gains. Went from benching 80kg to 120kg in 5 weeks!

  20. unc andy ——- i live near warrington and have lots of contacts in the area……….how much you paying for 10ml bottles and 100 caplets of both dbol and winstrol?

  21. haha to every1 you dont start to grow in 1 day with dianabols you get the strenth then size come after 3-4 weeks and long ester steroids like enanthate,c cypionate, deca sust they start working full after 5-6 weeks all havent got a clue……..the KEY to growing is EATING

  22. the dianabol is FAKE!!! use ur heads its from NIGERIA (SCAM NATION)

    i had it sent to a lab (a friend is a university professor) its not dianabol

    i even started to take 100 mgs a day felt nothing!

  23. hey guys, im on the zmrc d-bol at the mo, i last had the hearts d-bol, and i can say that i am very impressed with these, eating plenty of protein, and started 30mg p/day gone up to 40mg per day and put around 3 inches on my arms in 3 weeks, will prob go up to about 4 inches by week 4 and hopefully keep 2-3 of those inches with good pct….overall impressed!

  24. iv got 200 white stromba-10mg winstrol tablets from zmrc,
    iv been taking them just over a week, starting at 30mg a day and raising the dosage each week ending on 60mg a day in the last week, its a 7week course.
    To say my mate has had winny before (this is my first time) he said it will cut you up loads and fast but iv not noticed anything as yet but it is early days u guess.
    I am seeing big spots on my shoulders and back though which i dont usually get much so this could be a good sign there real because its a common side effect with steroids.
    I just want to really cut-up and burst my abs through again.
    Iv also got some deca300 which iv been told is good for size gains and cutting.
    what are your thoughts on the winstrol guys???

  25. Hi -I buy zmrc nandrolone decanoate 10ml and super test 350 10ml,i m finish one bottle this one and super test 350 aswell,and i not feel nothing.I take 1ml nandro and test 1ml every 2 days.4 weeks it is after me and little power come up that all.Maybe i buy fake but never you now what you buy…For me no good staff,next time i choice nandrolone decanoate from norma grecce staff 2ml -200mg,rarely are fakes -not recommended this product

  26. just got there testosterone cypionate, wanna know if its any good before i try it, thanks guys.

  27. I Have been Stacking ZMRC Test Enanthate, Boldenone & Drostanalone. Im 6 weeks into my cycle and I have to say I am very dissapointed. Seems extemely underdosed, if containing any legit steroid at all. My friend and I are stacking the same stuff and we are both very dissapointed. I wont be using this stuff again. waste of money and very dissapointing.

  28. used thier super test and its not bad, ive just picked up some of thier tri tren and plan on running 1 ml of each eod
    not a bad lab imo but theres better out there


  30. Wherever zrmc came from. Theres no more being made. The lab has been busted and theyve been shut down. Iv just got back from Egypt and my contact didnt have any in stock and he told me this. Its a shame really but good ug labs never last anyway. There wil still be legit zrmc out there but no more being made. So be WARNED. Because of zrmc’s good reputation people are already exploiting this. And theres already fakes in the UK. So i wouldnt take my chances if i was you.

  31. Use to use clenbuterol….but jst bought stromba 10 do u knw if its safe to use both 2gether clen is 0,02mg and stromba 10 is 10mg

  32. Marcus,

    I live near the Warrington area and would really appreciate some advice regarding oral dbol and winny. how much should i be paying? and are there any give-away signs of fakes, or specific things i should be looking out for? Or is it just trial and error!? i got some ‘zmrc’ dbol 2 months back and they were definitely not the real thing.

    Cheers Dan,

    [email protected]

  33. I just bought sum anapolon 50mg tabs frum a friend of a friend. Any coments if they any good or nt

  34. bees knees. on tri tren 200. and lab aint been busted cause mine expires 2012. good stuff

  35. Iv used their supertest 350, tri tren, equipoise, dbol, anavar and winny. All worked exactly how I would imagine any other UGL. I’d go so far to say best prop & anavar iv EVER USED, pharma included. However, the primobolan acetate will not be primobolan as iv been offered that for less than the raws cost.

    I trust the lab and have used many cycles just with thief stuff, big gains n freak veins. Stop hating on a lab uv never tried!

  36. Zarias back on the blends same vials. Im hearing really good reports of it aswell. Not sure if its same original zrmc crew tho. My guess is it is. .n the lab did disapear 3-4 year ago. Butzaria is 100% alive and kicking again….

  37. Dianabol is used for attain a magnificent look with attractive muscles.It also improves the muscle size. Nice Post.

  38. WTF. people saying the lab is shutdown and shit. I still use ZMRC products now in 2017. It’s good. I used their dbol, clen and winstrol. All are good. They do have hologram , bar code now.

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