Lixus Labs

Today we have some pics sent by Jordan. Apparently Lixus Labs is UG Lab from UK, not from Austria. I think it does not concern buyers because products is widely available across the Europe and the good news is, it works.

Lixus Labs

Lixus Labs

Lixus Labs


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29 Comments on “Lixus Labs”

  1. ive just started takin lixus deeca 300 and test 400..bin on it 4 2 weeks now n havent noticed adifference exsept my butt is killin!! isit fake or is there fakes out there? dont no weather 2 stop n get sumit else or giv it more of a chance??????

  2. @mark, deca dosn’t really kick in untill week 6, and it takes a while for test to build up. Should be noticing gains pretty soon. Unless you have no training experience and a shit diet.

    Can he get a reliable source? has he been training seriously for at least one year? Does he know what he is doing, pct, dosage, inject, ect. Does he have a good diet? If no to any of does, don’t let him do it. He’ll end up hurting himself.

  3. Thanks for such a wonderful post. It certainly made my day. It is such a pleasure to look forward to your postings and pages. Great wisdom and valuable insights is what I always look forward to from your end. I am sure all the readers are going to find this extremely helpful and come back thirsting for more from you. Keep up the excellent work 🙂 Kudos to you

  4. Good lab, used there eq , deca & prop. all clean and spot on. should not pay more than £45 for it

  5. There are a few fakes around I heard, so I got mine by contacting lixus via the main website and they put me in contact with a supplier as I got ripped off before, slight amount of pip with the tri-tren nothing too bad, the equipoise and rip blend were very smmoth

  6. hi there lixus is all quality gear, yea many people pay £45 per 10ml, from reselers or from sites, i pay lot less mostly well under half that price.

  7. Actaly just got some Lixus test 300 from me suplier for a test/tren stack but this one doesnt have the silver lixus sticker..

    Any takes?

  8. many people got busted in austrai recently, stay away is a complete SCAM

    Mike Paolo (Sales Manger is a CON ARTIST…SCAMMER!!!

  9. hi guys i would like to get some of this staff but as you say there
    is so many fake sites on-line ,is there any one who direct me to the right place please
    thank you

  10. So…..

    I was going to order some lixus stuff – which is the real site? or

    has anyone bought recently?



  11. I’ve used lixus,eq nandrotest sust and test 400 I’ve had good results.sure there are fakes out there but mine were ok.get them from your gym not the net.

  12. i purchased lixus labs sust blend about a year ago but havent used because of all the fakes ive read about.i have theones that have no holagram on vials but came in the box and have the blue flip off lids.can anyone confirm these to be good?looking for response from others that used the ones without holagram

  13. Ive got Lixus decca and sus 300 no hologram,the real stuff has holograms but not all real stuff has a hologram on the bottle

  14. I’ve recenty got a suss blend and deca course, has no hollogram but in the right box and blue flip off cap on vials… Want to knw if its the real swag?

  15. This gear is fake .. the same bar code on everything ..same numbers .. my sex drive didnt change .. nor did my size .. been using steriods for many years now .. i know wot should happen when u use the good ones

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