Top 5 Anabolic Steroids

Top 5 Anabolic Steroids List: Testosterone, Nandrolone, Winstroll, Boldenone, Oral Tren

Top 5 Anabolic Steroids1. Testosterone is the best anabolic steroid.  No matter what if you want o acheive mass results you will have to take in Test.  Test can form into estrogen, so products such as nolvadex and clomid should be taken.  Cycles usually range from 12 to 15 weeks at 500mg to 10000mg a week.

2.Nandrolone- Deca is another great mass building steroid. It does not form to estrogen so water is not a problem and neither are the dreaded bitch tits.  With Deca, there is one side effect that you need to watch out for, erectile disfunction you need to watch out for and stack it with Testosterone.  Deca should be stacked with test at a 3/5 ratio.   Deca can be run anywhere from 400 to 800mg a week.

3.Winstroll – Winny is a great non estrogenic steroid.  Usually a user will run the oral over the injectable, but it is availble in both.  Winny cycles run for about 4 to 6 week at 50mg a day.  Alot of users say that winny drys out your joints and for this reason they like to stack it with deca, deca is known to oil your joints.  Test would also be added.   Acne is a well known side effect of winny.

4. Boldenone – Equipose is a steroid made originally for animals.  Using this steroid should be for lean mass gains.  No aromatising side effects, dry lean gains.  Users should note that equipose should be taken in at atleast 400mg a a week atleast.

5. Oral Tren – My personal favorite and is recently been making its way threw the boards alot more then it first came out.  Oral tren is a fast acting, steroid that brings results to users with in days time.  You begin noticing the effects of this steroid almost immediatly.  Oral tren Steroids Cycles should be take about 3 weeks at most but lots of users say 4 weeks is just fine.  If you can handle 6 weeks you can go for it but its not praised apon.


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