Why was Arnold so good. Lets Explain.

Reading about the workouts Arnold did back in the ’60s and ’70s is inspiring, but did you know there are loads of hidden secrets in those past routines that most bodybuilders never grasp?

We believe specific muscle-training tactics he used, either by instinct or by design, are the very reasons Arnold was the biggest bodybuilder of his era and why his physique in its prime is still outlandish even by today’s freaky standards.

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What is common between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Silvester Stalonne?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Silvester Stallone who dont know them? Stupid question may say some of you and will be right. Even there are people who did not hear about Arnie or Silvester majority knows who they are, especially we who are body-builders. Many of us grew with their movies and dreamed to be one day like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Silvester Stalonne. They were and still are our stars or examples in some spheres.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger back on the big screen this summer

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s actor-turned-governor, has turned actor once more – at least for a single scene in the upcoming movie “The Expendables,” directed by Sylvester Stallone.

A preview of the movie, including a scene featuring three Hollywood muscle men – Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Bruce Willis — was released Wednesday. (The three worked together to launch the Planet Hollywood theme restaurant in 1991).

“The governor and Mr. Stallone are old friends and he was excited to support Mr. Stallone in this film,” said Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear.

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