Does Testosterone Cypionate Need to be Refrigerated

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Does Testosterone Cypionate Need to be Refrigerated ? – No, testosterone cypionate doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Heat and sunlight can cause testosterone to degrade through oxidation. Keep it at dark place at room temperature.

In fact, it is a common misconception that all hormones or medications must be stored in the fridge. This notion is not true as some hormones and medications respond poorly to cold temperatures. Such as becoming brittle or ineffective.

Generally speaking, when storing medicine at room temperature you want to make sure that your storage environment is dark and dry. And away from sources of heat like heating systems and radiators.

Testosterone cypionate can be stored safely at room temperature for up to three years provided it is kept out of direct sunlight. Away from moisture and heat sources, in its original container with the safety seal intact.

Any exposure to light will cause oxidation which could potentially reduce its effectiveness over time so if you have an opened bottle then keep it tightly closed whenever possible.

Additionally, exposing the medication too much heat such as high temperatures could also reduce its potency. So please store testosterone cypionate in a cool place where environmental factors like humidity are low.

Always check expiration dates on any medication before using them.

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