Muscle Building Steroid

Muscle Building SteroidThe best Muscle Building steroid.  By far it is one of the most potent and hardest working androgens.  Tren is like diesle fuel, it will get you rocking.   When taking this steroid not only will you gain over 15lbs but you will also burn fat of like it is your job. 

Tren goes by a few names, Fina, Tren, Trenbolone, Tren E which is a slow acting Tren, Tren A which is the Fast acting Tren, liquid gold this is my favorite name haha, and parabolan.

A good cycle for tren would include some Testosterone, only because tren will shut your bodys naddys down and you will most indefinitely not be having sex while you are on the drug and problem not even 3 weeks after you discontinue the use.

The side Effects of Trenbolone are quite harsh on a users body.  Even though everyone is different, most users will experience a lot of sleep problems, your attitude will but quite short because of this, not only that you will become very sluggish and tired threw the day unless you are working out, then you will wake up.   Tren can cause heart problems and liver problems, but this usually comes with the issue of abusing the drug and not cycling it.   

If you do deiced to cycle this steroid, you should discontinue the use after 8 weeks, and then do not take any steroids for atleast 20 weeks.  

Liver support such as, liv52 and milk thistle should be taken year round to help protect your body from any problems. 

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