The only way to do a proper PCT. Please Read, very interesting.

When i first got into Weight lifting, not until I was a senior in High School did i think about taking steroids.  It was not the gym or bodybuilders it was wanting to make it into a professional sport.   So like a lot of people i did my reading and found out about steroids and PCT and what i had to do to have a quality cycle with sustainable gains.

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So most cycles, you will read for example Testosterone Enanthate 500mg a week 12 weeks, and pct Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 Clomid 125mg and then lower the dose daily for 8 to 11 days. 

Now i did that for 3 cycles and i always still lost some size and i noticed that i was not getting the same erections and what not, so my test was still low. 

My last cycle i ran Oral Tren and Test Enanthate. 12 weeks for the test and 4 weeks for the Tren.    Now the Tren will shut anyone down and i mean anyone and very harshly.  But what i decided to do was do 12 weeks of Test Enanthate and then after the 12 weeks Taper down instead of just stopping it, so i went from 500mg on week 12 to 250mg week 13 and 125mg on week 14.  Then stopped the oral tren the following week.  

After doing this i never crashed from the steroids at all.  My body is great, i lost water weight but no muscle gains at all, it is incredible what a little experimenting can do for you, because tapering down back to your normal test is better then dropping the steroid completely and then having to go on 4 weeks of pct to get back that.

So what i did was i tapered down, and then did 2 weeks of pct just to stay safe.  I suggest taking the pct meds before bed, and when you wake up you feel pretty good.

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