Buying Anabolic Steroids – Everything You Need to Start Using.

Buying Anabolic SteroidsThere are a few steps when buying Anabolic Steroids.  Safety comes first to mind, but also real steroids and not fakes.  So to help any new users, find there way into the game and to stop the hours of searching, the following steps are listed here for you.

Step 1:  Learn.  Visit This forum is where you can learn how to inject safely, Where to buy real steroids, and find out exactly what steroids you should be using.  Also talk to other members and see how they reacted and what steroids did for them.  Side effects everything that you need to no. 

Step 2:  Find information on your cycle. A first time user should Learn to Inject Testosterone Enanthate 2x a week for 12 weeks.  500mg a week.  Following with PCT – Post Cycle Treatment.  Clomid and Nolva will be recomended to you.  You need to find out what a pct cycle will be. 

Step 3: Find a legit Source like:

This is the safest source on the net, they sell only Buying Anabolic Steroids and only the Highest Standard of products, to make sure you are not injecting anything bad.  You will never have to worry about a infection. Here if you are a first time user, you can buy Testosterone Enanthate, and you will also need to buy Nolvadex and Clomid.

Step 4: Go back to and find a good workout routine if you do not have one, just make a post and someone will help you out and give you a great plan.  And its FREE, this is no joke everyone is there because they use gear and like bodybuilding, they are just like you and me, looking for help and we are all helping each other.

Step 5: Get your Diet in check. You can also find this at the link above, and ask the same people what you should be eating.

You are now ready to make your first purchase. Use steroids and train with them.  This is a great example of how smart use of steroids is, and if you follow these instructions you will never have to worry about getting caught, or getting sick.  You are in good hands.

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  1. Natural weight loss does not ask people to pop pills, drink shakes, or do surgeries.

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