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Leg Training

Leg Training a Must or a Choice? by Dr.Prod

Once again I will get back to the question of leg training. I see more and more people in the gym with skinny legs. I see people who train legs rarely but put a lot of attention to the upper body part. Some of them will never get pants off to not show their skinny legs.

Well that is a problem especially when you want to go to the beach. And if you do not have enough will power to make yourself do at least 4 sets of squats I wonder how far you will go in this life?

Remember athletes of golden era? Do you know someone of them who did no train legs? How many? Can you count them?

Check some videos on YouTube with Arnold and his partners how hard they were training legs, yeah that was hard training but it brought results and not only in muscles growth but in will power and as a result personal development.

Make a rule in your life now: start training legs at least with 1 exercise – squats, do 4 sets in 20-15 reps range. Then after 1 month add 1 more exercise. Then 1 more.

By the way did you know that squads will increase natural testosterone and HGH production and will influence overall muscle growth? Well if you’d know this you’d never miss a leg workout. At the end is your choice how to look and whom to be….

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