Boldaxyl 300 Reviews (Kalpa)

Boldaxyl 300 Reviews

Boldaxyl 300 Reviews:

I have been using Kalpa products for a few years now and I really cannot fault them at all.

I used the Boldaxyl in a cycle last year and have to say that it was excellent, Good quality Equipoise in a good dose (300mg per ml) So you can inject a good amount without any issues.

It worked extremely well, It was stacked with Test, over the 12 week period.

I made good quality gains that where evenly spread throughout the cycle, a lot of people use Equipoise for the cutting phase, personally I prefer to add it to a bulk/lean bulk cycle, one of the effects of Equipoise is that it makes you feel hungry and the Kalpa Boldaxyl is no exception!!

I was frequently waking up in the middle of the night because I felt so hungry, I’d have a protein shake and then go back to bed. This can be inconvenient, but I thought it was worth it because of the results I was getting.

By the end of the cycle I had added a good amount of lean muscle and was very pleased with the overall results.

My 12 week cycle was:

Kalpa Boldaxyl – 900mg per week

Kalpa Sustaxyl – 525mg per week

I added Anavar to the cycle from week six until the end, 6 weeks at 100mg per day (I have used Anavar before at 200mg per day, the results where excellent but the pumps where so painful that they interfered with my training) so on this one I dropped the dosage to 100mg, it added that bit extra to the end of the cycle.

This was an excellent cycle and I will be repeating this cycle again later in the year.

Last year I ran a cycle of Kalpa Test Cyp at 1000mg per week, Boldaxyl(Equipoise at 800mg per week, kicked off with Kalpa DBol tabs first 6 weeks at 50mg to 100mg per day split morning and afternoon. I ran the Test Cyp and Eq at those dosages for 16 weeks.

My starting weight was just over 211lbs, at the end of the cycle my weight had increased to 235lbs. I Gained just under 25lbs with excellent strength gains through the cycle. The oils are very smooth, The Test Cyp is definitely legit going by the increase in libido, energy, and overall well being. The Equipoise seems legit, I had a great increase in appetite, I started getting the vascular look around week 10, I’m very lucky when it comes to gear as it very rarely affects my blood pressure, so I can’t comment on that, The DBol tabs, I noticed a good strength gain, I gained some water straight away and had a good increase in strength, I gained about 12lbs in the firsts 4 weeks.

Kalpa Boldaxyl 300 Reviews:
Just did 12 weeker 600mg weekly 300mg test cyp. I got very lean I have to say its very good.will order more.

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