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[22 Aug 2019 | No Comment | ]
Chet Yorton Photogallery

He defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1966 in London.

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[6 Aug 2019 | No Comment | ]
2 options for last minute summer cycle

no time no money for summer cutting cycle? here are some ideas.

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[6 Jul 2019 | No Comment | ]
Worst steroids for hair loss

If you are predisposed genetically to this it will happen anyway and even with “safest” from this point of view steroids hair loss speed will be increased while on cycle.

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[28 Jun 2019 | Comments Off on Kalpa Letroxy Profile &photo | ]
Kalpa Letroxy Profile &photo

Letroxyl reduces estrogen levels, increases LH, FSH and SHBG and produces a hard look which is good before contest, thus in bodybuilding, it is used as an ancillary compound within anabolic steroid cycles.

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[26 Jun 2019 | Comments Off on Dorian Yates – Picture of the day | ]
Dorian Yates – Picture of the day

Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates is an English former professional bodybuilder. He won the Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997.

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[24 Jun 2019 | No Comment | ]
5 weeks testosterone suspension cycle dosages

Intersted to know about an injectabl steroid cycle for strength?

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[8 Jun 2019 | Comments Off on Tri-Tren 150 Dragon Pharma | ]
Tri-Tren 150 Dragon Pharma

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Trenbolone Acetate, Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Enanthate

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[29 May 2019 | No Comment | ]
Trenbolone Enanthate Reviews (Kalpa & Dragon)

Trenbolone Enanthate Reviews. In this post we gathered reviews for Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

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[23 May 2019 | No Comment | ]
Serge Nubret (FRA), NABBA Worlds 1987 [VIDEO]

What do you think about Serge’s body? Let’s put question in a different way: whose physique you prefer Serge or Arnold or Lou Ferrigno?

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[13 May 2019 | No Comment | ]
Sergio Oliva Shoulder Workout [VIDEO]

He was a hard worker. After a full day of working at his job (physical work) he came to the gym and trained there.

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[23 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]
Sergio Oliva Jr. Pics and some Bio

Sergio Oliva Jr is the son of the legendary 3-time Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva(The Myth)

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[17 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]
Kevin Levrone one of the best

Kevin Levrone is one of those guys who is still motivating us after so many years.

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[16 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]
Sergio Oliva little history and Pics

Did you know that in USA he worked as a TV repairman, also later he was working in foundry and as a policeman and in all these he always had time for working out. He had an incredible work ethic.

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[25 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]
5 Foods for Detox

Everyone talks about detox and some of us think that is complicated. Please dont you can do it easily daily by eating one of these foods to help your body detox.

Also dont forget to go to nature in weekends, breath fresh air and drink more water.

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[11 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]
George “Da Bull” Peterson wins Classic Physique crown at 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

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