Dianabol and Test Cycle and Deca Nandrolone Intermediate

Dianabol and Test CycleAxiolabs Dianabol and Test Cycle by Muscle Prod

Starting the use of steroids should always begin with one steroid.  Testosterone alone, for a couple of cycles to see how well your body adjust, and then you introduce in an oral like Dianabol.  Oral steroids are great, but injectables are a lot safer. Running Deca 250 with these 2 compounds is a great cycle because the side effect ratio is way lower then the positive results.

In the cycle, keep Letro or Arimidex on hand incase you run into side effects on this one seeing you are now introducing a new steroid.  Nolvadex also helps as well.

Week 1 – 12 Testosterone 750mg a week 3 injections a week.

Week 1 – 5 Dball 50mg a day

Week 1-10 Deca 400mg.

Dianabol and Test Cycle

Running  Dianabol and Test Cycle is simple and if you are using Axiolabs or British Dragon products it will be nothing but smooth injections, and great results. 

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