Geneza Pharmaceuticals vs Dragon Pharma

Geneza Pharmaceuticals vs Dragon Pharma

Geneza Pharmaceuticals vs Dragon Pharma, both well known brands for long time among anabolics users.

If you want a quick answer to the questions: “which one is the best” we will say both are good however both had ups and downs and if you interested to know more continue reading 🙂

Let me start with the fact that if you want to read reviews for both brands including products of each one there is a new site called where you can find steroids sources reviews and steroids labs reviews. CLICK HERE to read steroids labs reviews.


Genza Pharmaceuticals is or was a well known lab with high quality products which were receiving good reviews according to different forums.

Surely there were some unhappy users however that may be related to specific batch / lot which happens almost with any lab.

Geneza had wide products range and one of the most popular were :
GP Methan 10, GP Sust 270 and GP Test Cyp 250.

Overall good reviews for Geneza.

If you want to see full products list click here.


Dragon Pharmaceuticals came into this marke around 2009 (according to the info we found online) and started with a few products.

However later their products range was increased.

In 2017 we published a photo gallery with all Dragon Pharma Products. Check it out here.

In 2018 Dragon added new products, here you can read more about this.

As they write on their official website: “Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer and distributor worldwide.”

Dragon Pharmaceuticals has a wide chioice of products including Peptides, Anti-Estrogens and Retinoids.

Overall it looks like Dragon got more popularity than Geneza.

As we know, often popular products are faked…same thign happend with Dragon 🙁

If you want to be sure the product you bought is 100% genuine you can check this on their official website here.


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