Masteron Steroid for Bodybuilders – How to Use and Dosage

Masteron steroid is primarily considered a pre-contest drug for bodybuilders. For it’s
effects to be fully realized a user must be at a very low body fat percentage.
If a user is not, the muscle “hardening” effect that many look for when using
the compound will not be realized.

This, along with the fact that mass gains are
unlikely to be had from the drostanolone, should be a caution to individuals
that they may be disappointed with their results unless they are well

As noted previously, it has been suggested that strength
athletes or competitive athletes could benefit from drostanolone as it can
improve strength while not adding much mass or weight to the user.

there are countless other compounds more effective and better suited for such
purposes that the use of Masteron steroid would seemingly be unnecessary for such

Since the propionate ester is nearly always used with
Masteron it is necessary for users to administer the compound everyday or at
least every other day to maintain a fairly stable blood level of the drug. The
majority of users will do well on the compound using doses ranging from 50-100
mg every day or every other day, totaling 300-500 milligrams per week.

experienced users of the drug may run higher doses, but since the compound
should be stacked with others to maximize effectiveness, large doses are for the
most part not required.

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