Power Moves. Legs


Reverse Hack Squats In past years football players were taught to do this exercise facing into the hack squat machine to better stimulate the legs-wide, low-to-the-ground tackling motion. You will notice right away that you have to put your feet wide, slightly angled out, and all the way at the bottom of the platform to be centered correctly. Once you get going, you’ll see that your top weight on regular hack squats feels like a warm-up here. What’s more, you’ll be hitting places like the inner thighs that regular hacks do nothing for. One word of caution: Since your back isn’t supported, be sure to wear a sturdy lifting belt and keep your lower back from rounding. A spotter is also recommended to help you rack the weight from this awkward position. Work up to the bigger weights over a course of weeks, always keeping the lower back tight. Don’t be scared off by all the precautions. This is on kick-ass power move for the legs.

Hamstring Hyperextensions Many people have trouble with stiff-leg deadlifts and good mornings. For those with previous lower back injuries, suing heavy weights is like skating on thin ice. Relax that lower back for a second, or go too low, and snap! Its all over but the Kleenex for your tears. Fortunately a little twist to hyperextensions makes them a perfect substitute. By simply keeping the lutes tensed, you will shift the workload from the lumbar region to your hamstrings. Best of all, you wont need to add much resistance. Even someone who can use 300 pounds for stiff-leg deadlifts will get a great workout on hamstring hypers holding an 80 or 90 pound dumbbell. If you use this exercise with leg curls, you’ll have a complete hamstring workout with zero risk to your lower back.

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