bill-wilmoreBill Wilmore had his highest pro placing yet, when he was runner-up at the Europa Super Show in August. The 2005 NPC Nationals champ rhapsodizes about the importance of blood volumization (i.e. “the pump”) in his workouts
and he lays out a typical chest routine.


“I’m not going for failure each set, but for the sensation of blood flowing in the muscle area. Sometimes it takes a lot of peak contractions, sometimes negatives, and sometimes I’ll throw in a little of everything–whatever helps me control the contractions for maximum blood flow. The number of reps per set might be anywhere from eight to 20, depending on what I feel is creating the best pump.”

EXERCISE                                                     SETS      REPS
Barbell incline presses                                    4             8-12
Hammer Strength machine presses          4             8-12
Incline or flat bench flyes                             4             8-12
Dips                                                                        4             8-12

Source: FLEX

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