Tom Platz Leg – How to Get Your Legs Bigger

“Tom Platz Leg – How to Get Your Legs Bigger” by Muscles Building Blog

One of the biggest secrets i found out while working with other experienced bodybuilders. Is the key to getting those Ripped Toned Legs.  The key to this is THE STAIRMASTER.

Tom Platz Leg

The Stairmaster is a great way to get those striations and splits in your muscles. Not only that it will help separate and even Detail your muscles.  I noticed they do this for about 45minutes at the most with out stopping, and they drink Black Coffee.  Another note I heard was that ever step they do they squeeze there leg muscles tightly and this helps with the definition of the muscle.  I was blown away by this because I never seen the use of it besides cardio equipment. 

Tom Platz LegTo add to the fat burning benefits you can do cardio later in the day on a Treadmill.  When you get on the Treadmill is will be another 45 minute workout, after you walk for 2 minutes on 2.5 speed and 0 incline, you will bump it straight to 10 incline the highest it can go on any treadmill and then keep the speed at 2.5 speed, this helps you to shed weight like crazy. 

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  1. Like the article. Agree with the stairmaster! A couple things worth mentioning: not all treadmills only go to 10, my gym has a 30% incline. Make sure you’re not holding on to any handles when you maximize your incline and also if you have bad knees the incline can make things worse. Try intervals to keep metabolic rate high and burn more calories throughout your day. Keep up the good work. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will those pillars you want holding you up!

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