Variation Of Keto. Get into Beach shape. 56 days.

So summer is now quickly approaching and everyone wants to get into shape and look there best.  Well here we go, stick to this for the next 8 weeks, yup thats right in just 56 days you can be proud of your new body.

This is a Strict Diet for 8 weeks. No CHEAT days, None. 56 days Straight. If you can’t deal with it, then this isn’t for you. If you can hang, The results will be Phenomenal.

This is a Diet for someone who is in Shape, but just needs to lose those LAST few pounds of Stubborn fat.

This diet will work ESPECIALLY for those with excess Fat in the lower abs, thighs, lower back area.

Diet Guidelines:

Avoid All starches, You don’t need them if your goal is to get down to 4-7 fucking Percent BodyFat.

1. Eat Tons of Green Veggies (Fiber)

2. Eat Lots of Healthy Fats ex. Steak, Flax Oil, E.v. OliveOil, Salmon, Fish Oils, etc. (Energy)

3. Eat TONS of Protein (Preserve Muscles)

4. DRINK 1 1/2 gallons of H20 a day AT LEAST.

Avoid ALL fruit drinks, Juices, rice, breads.

Eat carbos ONLY after a grueling Glycogen depleting workout.

You will have Tons of energy from the Healthy Fats,
Good digestion from the Fiber,
and great Muscle Hardness and Protection from the Protein.

Healthy Fats = Energy
Protein = Muscle Hardness, Muscle Protection
Fiber = Digestion, and various other health Benefits.

Healthy Fats, Lots of Fiber, And TONS of Protein. That’s the key.

Not only will you DROP bodyfat while maintaing Muscle, but you will ALSO have an abundance of energy and your skin (complexion) will be looking great as well.

Example of a Day…

1. 3 servings of Whey/ 1 tablespoon of Flax Oil
2. 8 – 10oz London Broil Steak (Extra Lean)/ 1-2 cups Green Veggies.
3. Grilled Salmon/ 1-2 cups Green Veggies.
4. 3 servings of Whey/ 1 tablespoon of Flax Oil
5. 2 Cans of Tuna/ Chopped Onions/Celery/ 1 tablespoon of Safflower Mayonaise.
6. (Post Workout) MRP or 2 servings of Whey/10oz Orange Juice.
7. 8-10oz Extra Lean Steak/ 2 cups Veggies.

Breaks Down to About:
Protein 1.5 – 2 grams per lb of Bodyweight
Fat .5 – .75grams per lb of Bodyweight
Carbs (only post workout) 30-50 grams
Fiber in the form of Green Veggies – As much as Possible.


Do NOT take ANY FAT BURNERS…why? They will Surpress your appetite TOO much, You need to eat every 2 hours. If you take a fat burner you won’t be up to it.

1 Multivitamin
Extra Zinc 30 – 50mgs
Fish Oil Caps
Flax Oil Liquid
200mcg Selenium
800mgs Folic Acid
800iu Vitamin E
2grams Vitamin C


Staying ACTIVE!! is the KEY. ALWAYSSSS stay Active.

Lift 4 times a Week. Alternate Between Heavy Low Rep workouts, and High repetition Moderate Weight Workouts.

Cardio, 4-7 days a week, Alernate Between 20 min High Intensity (Jump Ropes, Sprints) and Low intensity for 45min – 1hour (Walking, Light Jogging, Jumping Jacks (lol) )

This DIET is NOT easy by Anymeans, It takes proper planning a day ahead of time. (You have to have the Steaks/ Veggies/ Chicken/ Salmon, Thawed out Before cooking them, Put stuff in Tupper Just have to be Prepared.)
Be prepared to Go through at LEAST 1lb of lean Steak a day, and 10 servings of Whey Powder a day and TONS of Green Veggies a day. Be prepared to be going grocery shopping at least twice a week.

Like I said ths diet is not easy, But oh well, No one said this game is Easy.

But Remember if you can stick through it for 8 Grueling weeks, You’ll be Satified at the End with your Amazing Results.

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