Lifting Weights Benefits and How Increased Muscle Mass

Weight lifting benefitsWeights lifting benefits is a type of exercise that can improve your health no matter your age. In fact, scientists are constantly discovering new ways in which weightlifting benefits the body.


For older adults, weight lifting and other strength training exercise can help to preserve muscle mass and stave off injuries by keeping joints and tendons strong.

Increased Muscle Mass

A huge Weights lifting benefits is increased muscle mass. This not only serves to make you physically stronger, but having more muscle mass increases metabolic rate. This helps to prevent weight gain in the form of fat.

Positive Self-Image

Especially if you are just starting out, lifting weights twice a week will allow you to see and feel results after just a few weeks. This will no doubt boost your self-confidence and further fuel your desire to stay in shape.

Reduced Risk of Disease

According to researchers at the University of South Carolina, there is convincing evidence that weightlifting can lead to a reduced risk of chronic disease—most importantly, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.


Weight training can also help to increase stamina. Muscles that are strong and conditioned to perform at their peak through weightlifting can work longer without becoming fatigued.

Strong Bones

Weight training has often been shown to strengthen bones. This is another reason that weight training is often prescribed for older adults, as they typically suffer from reduced bone density

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    Total cholesterol is 162.o
    HDL 42.0,
    LDL is 57.6,
    Triglycerides – 312.0
    VLDL cholesterol – 62.4
    CHOL/HDL ratio – 3.8
    LDL/HDL Rati – 1.3

    nothing is mentioned in this article about Triglycerides, how it is affected and how dangerous.

    pl advise

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