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Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroid Cycle – The Truth

25 March 2013 8 Comments

schwarzenegger-steroid-cycle Arnold Schwarzenegger is idol of many guys and many went into bodybuilding because of how he looked. Being him a champion everyone wanted to look like him so after getting to know his workout routine from his encyclopedia everyone switched to what he used in terms of steroids. That is normal question at least as far as our curiosity pushes us there.

Internet is full of almost same cycle which is considered to be Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroid Cycle and here is what we mostly see:

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids cycle:

Weeks Primobolan Enanthate (Injectable) Dianabol (Dbol)

Week 1 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 2 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 3 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 4 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 5 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 6 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 7 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 8 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 9 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 10 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 11 1000mg / week 100mg / day
Week 12 1000mg / week 100mg / day
Week 13 1000mg / week 100mg / day
Week 14 1000mg / week 100mg / day
Week 15 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 16 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 17 800mg / week 80mg / day
Week 18 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 19 600mg / week 60mg / day
Week 20 600mg / week 60mg / day


Dianabol (Dbol) (oral) Deca Durabolin (Injectable)

Week 21 30mg / day 200mg / week
Week 22 30mg / day 200mg / week
Week 23 30mg / day 200mg / week
Week 24 30mg / day 200mg / week
Week 25 30mg / day 200mg / week
Week 26 30mg / day 200mg / week


If you are newbie please dont stop reading here and buying all this stuff and using the way you see it as this is not wise at least.

Musclesprod.com team wants to share with you something important.

Firstly this way of doing a steroid cycle is not correct, not healthy and not wise.

Regarding sources where this cycle firstly appeared some of them were selling either steroid or pro-hormones or some junky products and what is best way to sell them if not putting there a title “Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroid Cycle”…

Let me ask you something: do you think Arnold would ever share his cycle or what he used in regards of dosages, lengths and so on? Why would he do it plus the way they did it back then in golden era was not correct. It is now when we know that there is no need to pyramid as it is a waste of time because the half-life of the steroids don’t change based on dosage.

Now we know about PCT and how to do it correct.

Plus the best way to say good bye to your liver is to use dbol for so long time. That is insane! I admit you can use primo for 20 weeks but using dbol for such a long time I think you must have an iron liver.  Do it safe if you want long term benefits.

The point of this article was to underline most important points:

1. HARD HARD HARD training is the key to growth.

2. Enough rest and listening to your body is key 2.

3. Your genetics is key 3 and you CAN’T change it, want it or not. Better to put a goal like transforming yourself from what you are into something better instead of “I want to look like Arnold”

4. You can put 100 men on same cycle and same workout routine and results will be DIFFERENT and that is normal. You have to find out what works best for you and do it safe.

Take care.

(C) Musclesprod.Com Team

 Republishing this article is permitted only with sharing link to the source which is musclesprod.com

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  • Chris said:

    Those 4 points you make at the end are crucial, especially point number 3. You can boost your performance, but you can’t change your genetics.

  • Greg Walker said:

    Hi that is that first time I have ever heard such a realistic piece of advice on a site like this. Forget about all the bulked up, super ripped pictures you see in the side ads and banners, all you can ever hope to do is improve yourself.

    Just as a hairdresser sighs when a lady walks into a salon and insists she wants to look like Ms Anniston, I am sure there are gyms all across the country where they suffer the same experience with regards to Mr Schwarzenegger and the results are of course the same.

  • Dave said:

    If you look some of Arnold’s old pictures he was a beast.If you do use steroids you should know how to use them, thanks for providing the information.

  • Peter said:

    Point number 3- Genetics. Put simply, get the best body for your body type.Simple.

  • Robin Poli said:

    Well I finished my 21 day cycle yesterday of the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack. I bought my can for about $50 online which is a great value considering that overall I was quite satisfied with my results.

    I’m 6’1″, 196lbs, and 21 yrs old. Right now this is about my 6th month of dedicated lifting. Before I started my Dr Max Anabolic Stack cycle I weighed a steady 193lbs and for the past 4 days i’ve been right at 196. I weigh the same time everyday with no clothes on or food on my stomach. I started to notice more mass in my shoulders about the 10th day.. or at least more definition. And I also noticed a definite increase on my bench strength and endurance. I went up 10lbs on my max bench and my reps for my normal workout increased from 6 reps on my last set to 10 unassisted on bench.

  • Asad khan said:

    Asad khan here I am 29 years old I want some information regarding bodybuild what should I take in proten what tablets should I take already I had taken boldenone inj and dd inj after then what should I do wating for you’re rep…..

  • admin said:

    First steroid cycle must be one compound only like testosterone for 10 weeks at 2ml/week

  • Dan said:

    Steroids and PED have become the most popular illegal drugs in Aust. Overtaken, heroin and ICE. Very concerning fact!

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