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Asia Pharma Ltd. was established in 2007 as a limited liability company.

The company was incorporated with the sole purpose of manufacturing and sale of affordable yet high quality generic pharmaceutical products. Our main goal is to provide an alternative for expensive drugs on markets of developing countries that cannot afford the expensive proprietary drugs.

The mission of Asia Pharma Ltd. is to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems worldwide by providing them more drugs of the same quality for the same money.

Anti-Cancer products

Alitrentol Gel

Altretanada Capsules

Anastraol Tablets

Bicaluada Tablets

Busulfanol Tablets

Exemestanol Tablets

Finada Tablets

Letrozol Tablets

Mifepriana Tablets

Tamoxol Tablets

Temozol Capsules

Biological products




Female Hormones

Chlorotrianene Capsules

Conjestonene Tablets

Dienestronene Cream

Diethiene Tablets

Estiene Tablets

Estradiene Tablets

Estratiene Tablets

Estropinene Tablets

Quiniene Tablets

Female Infertility

Bromocrida Capsules

Clomida Tablets

Gonadena hCG




Hypothyroidism Treatment

T3 Tablets

T3-T4 Tablets

T4 Tablets

Male Hormones

Aquabolic Suspension

Boldabolic Injection

Cypiobolic Injection

Decabolic Injection

Durobolic Injection

Dynabolic Injection

Enantbolic Injection

Halobolic Tablets

Mastabolic Injection

Methanabolic Tablets

Oxanabolic Tablets

Oxyanabolic Tablets

Primobolic Injection

Primobolic Tablets

Propiobolic Injection

Stanobolic Injection

Stanobolic Tablets

Sustainbolic Injection

Trenabolic Injection

Turanabolic Tablets

Undriol Capsules

Other products

Clenbutorol Tablets

Silda Tablets


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