Simple Diet. If followed for 6 weeks, you can acheive….

A simple diet, a very strict diet, but strict only on the foods you may consume.   You do not have to count calories or carbs.  This is a diet to help you make lean gains, and you can stay on it for aslong as you want.  But i suggest 6 weeks, then stop for a week and enjoy whatever you want, then jump back on it for a few more weeks, kind of like cycle on and off.

What are the Foods involved?

1. Chicken, grilled or boiled.

2. White Rice.

Supplements.   A protein shake before and after a workout.   And take a multivitamin every morning when you wake up.

This diet is going to give you energy, you will not feel tired or sick.  The great benefit to this is, it is cheap and you will grow muscle and loose fat all the time for 6 weeks or longer.  Like i said above take a break for a week or 2 then jump back on it. You may gain a lb or 2 back but it will come right off when you go back on the diet.  Everyone loves chicken and rice, mix em together with some i cant beleive its not butter and you are all set.

Now how many meals can you have.  I suggest measuring a cup of rice and about 70z of chicken,   If you are using chicken breast split it up for 2 meals.   You can eat as much as you want, but 70z of chicken and 1 cup of rice will fill you up fast.   Eat every 2 to 3 hours.

Personally i no a bodybuilder who just acheived his PRO CARD.  He does this diet year round and he looks fantastic and does not juice.

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