Helios for Bodybuilding and Fat Loss – Fat Burning Combo Mix

Helios for Bodybuilding specifically contains a mixture of clenbuterol hcl and yohimbine hcl, a potent beta agonist and alpha antagonist respectively. These two drugs are present in a concentration of 40mcg/mL (clenbuterol) and 5.4mg/mL (yohimbine). A balanced and appropriately dosed mixture for bodybuilding use.

Clenbuterol and yohimbine work to promote fat loss through the same system (androgenic). However they exert their effects through very distinct (but complementary) mechanisms. Clenbuterol, of course, is a potent beta-2 agonist. Which directly and strongly stimulators lipolysis very much in the same way as ephedrine does (though it is more selective in its actions). Yohimbine hcl is alpha-2 receptor antagonist, which also promotes fat loss mainly by blocking the activity of other chemicals in the body.

Helios for Bodybuilding is a Mesotherapy medication specifically designed for the body building community. Based on a system which was originally a medical technique devised in 1952 by Dr Michel Pistor.

Similar in effect to phosphatidylcholine solution but without the associated expense of this medication which is commonly used in plastic surgery. Helios for Bodybuilding unlike phosphatidylcholine requires a frequent injection protocol. Whereas the pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine solution. Can be injected at up to 2 week intervals, Helios due to it?s clenbuterol base should be injected at least every second day. This is not very suitable for most cosmetic surgery patients.

Also known as ?fat melt? or ?Non-Surgical Fat Dissolve,? Mesotherapy, offers the patient an alternative to surgery. Mesotherapy is an injection therapy which can be injected into the mesoderm which is the layer of fat under the skin. The medications that are used in Mesotherapy melt the fat beneath the skin and shrink
the fat cells in the scarpa fascia layer; some times resulting in a temporary tough feel to the skin local to the injection site . The fat dissolves and, as occurs when fat is broken down during typical weight loss it?s carried through the bloodstream and excreted by the kidneys and bowel.

Mesotherapy involves injecting small amounts of medication immediately beneath the surface of the skin to break down the fat and cellulite and to improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage. The effect is to explode the fat cells and release the triglycerides into the blood stream for the body to dispose of naturally. Aerobic exercise will increase the removal of these triglycerides by increasing the portion of ?good? cholesterol in the blood stream. It should be noted that exercise is not totally necessary but it will increase the rate of localized fat loss.

The combination of clenbuterol and yohimbine in Helios for Bodybuilding has the added benefit of aiding overall fat loss ? something that the more expensive phosphatidylcholine based products do not do. The down side to this is, as stated above, is the frequency of administration which is not at all suited to general cosmetic surgery practice.

Approximately 20-30 minutes post injection the patient may notice some redness, slight bruising, or experience a stinging sensation, but rarely are the treatments painful. These are natural inflammatory reactions to the emulsion and dispersion of fat, signifying the procedure is successful. Bruises are seldom. The fat tissue is broken down by the body through natural processes and then excreted.

Noticeable localized reductions in fat can be seen within 2 weeks even when the injection frequency is limited to every second day. Dramatic fat losses are possible with a daily 1 ml injection protocol or with doses greater than 1ml every second day. Doses as high as 5ml per day are commonly used in the body building community. However, this is not recommended due to the extreme clenbuterol related side effects that can occur at such doses.

The art of spot reduction.

When you begin a diet, you may notice that you lose fat very unevenly on your body. The areas you don’t wish to concentrate your fat loss seem to be most responsive to the restriction of calories. On the other hand, the areas you desire to shed fat seem to be unaffected by the diet. In women, the breasts may be shrinking, while the lower body remains as fat as it was. In men, even if the waist is getting smaller, the abs are not getting any more visible. Why put your body through a tough and often unhealthy diet if unwanted inches of fat remain? What we want is a specifically targeted fat loss, but we are told that spot reduction is impossible! Is this true?

Rather than an overall and even fat reduction, the weight loss will be more “spot specific”. Popular belief is that we can not spot reduce fat. This is however a myth, because the human body does, but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily do it in the places we wish it to. What we have to do, is to redirect the fat destruction in areas we want to shrink rather than everywhere else. Imagine if one could concentrate the fat loss exclusively in that particular area. It is the same thing for the women who could easily lose their lower body fat by strictly concentrating the fat reduction there.

Best sites for application are the triceps, “love handles”, thighs, gluteus and the “saddle bags” or waist (basically any area that has fat accumulation). These areas will vary from person to person, though the above listed are the most common. The fat that fails to disappear even through a strict diet is called “stubborn fat”. Typically, so called stubborn fat is estrogenic by nature, however some people just have high numbers of A2 receptors. The A2 receptor is highly influenced by estrogen if you are a woman, and if you have estrogenic fat patterns you most likely have large numbers of A2 receptors.

Yohimbine HCL

The reason why ‘Yohimbine hcl’ is included in Helios for Bodybuilding is that it binds to the A2
receptor and blocks Norepinephrine (and other A2 agonist including estrogen) from binding to, and antagonizing it (which inhibits the release of fatty acids). It thus allows for fatty acids to be “burned”, hence the stubborn fat will be lost.

These two ingredients, Helios for Bodybuilding, ‘speed up’ the metabolism of the injected area and provoke a chemical reaction that change fat cells into fatty acids, which will slip through cell membranes and into the bloodstream to be burned. If you don’t burn the freed fatty acids through a firm aerobic workout, your body will store them again in fatty deposits.

Side effects which may occur are; loss of appetite, tremors, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness, irregular heart beat, nausea, excessive sweating, diarrhea and it is also possible to experience other complications due to the weight, or body fat percentage loss that results from its use.

Why do we spot reduce upside down naturally?

There are two main mediators of fat mobilization. One consists of the circulating hormones such as norepinephrine. They stumble upon fat stores by chance, and will do little to spot reduce. By using oral Clen, we increase the circulation of those lipolytic factors, but we do not truly redirect spot reduction the way we wish to. The chances are we accentuate the spot reduction in the wrong places. The second pathway is far more interesting. All our adipose stores are innervated by the nervous system a bit like our muscles are. In other words, our brain is directly related to each of our adipose depots.

Through the nervous system, the brain can then send neurotransmitters in whatever depot it wishes. Those neurotransmitters (epinephrine and norepinephrine) happen to be the main direct lipolytic hormones. It means that potentially our brain possesses the ability to allow us to spot reduce at will, by sending fat loss mediators in very specific depots. The problem is we do not know how to redirect our brain efforts to help us spot reduce. This is why we spot reduce in the wrong areas: i.e. the places the brains local efforts are the most intense versus the places were it is the laziest.

So, if the brain does not wish to send enough fat loss hormones to the specific areas we want to get rid of, we can do it ourselves by locally injecting those hormones. This way, we can redirect lipolysis where we wish to. It is now possible to spot reduce at will! Whenever I say this, people will get over excited. Believing that a single subcutaneous injection will immediately destroy all the fat present. This is not the case as other anti-lipolytic forces are also at play to prevent that.

But after a month of local injections plus a proper diet. You will clearly see that those formerly resistant areas are not as hard to get rid of as before. Fat loss will be more evenly distributed, which will indirectly spare muscle mass. In effect, with a classical diet. When you have lost most of your fat except that around the waist. What do you do? Diet harder which translates into an intense muscle cannibalization and a minimal eradication of the waist’s fat. By using Helios for Bodybuilding injections. This classical suicidal period can be avoided.

Injectable clenbuterol/yohimbine solution is usually taken over a period of 8-10 weeks. Unlike Oral Clenbuterol. It is not necessary to increase the administered dose nor is it necessary to limit the cycle time to 18 days.

Both oral clenbuterol and the injectable clen/yohimbine solution will cause down-regulation of beta 2 receptors. After this initial 18 day period use of both drugs for their overall thermogenic and anti-catabolic effects. Would be pointless as the receptors would have downgraded to an extent where no increased thermogenic effect would be achievable.

However, if used for Mesotherapy, the localized reduction of fat deposits caused by injectable Clenbuterol/yohimbine will continue to occur. The only loss would be the overall benefit that clenbuterol would normally exhibit to general fat loss.

For those looking to locally reduce fat. Then the injectable solution has obvious benefits in that it can be used over an extended period of time with the additional benefit that the thermogenic effects of clenbuterol will still be present for the first 18 days. For those looking to reduce overall body fat, both the oral and injectable forms are suitable but the length of administration should be limited to 18-21 days.

It is possible to extend the thermogenic properties of these drugs by combining them with the anti-histamine ketotifen. This anti-histamine has been shown to inhibit the down regulation of the beta receptors. Providing the ketotifen dose is above 2mg per day receptor downgrade will not normally occur, in some cases 3mg per day is a more suitable dose.

With the addition of ketotifen the injectable clenbuterol/yohimbine solution can be used for 8-10 weeks and during that time will promote not only mesotherapy but also an overall thermogenic and anti-catabolic effect.

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