Build a body without Weights.

Building muscle without weights is totally depends on exercises. Its true and really workout to build muscles. For these exercises we do not require any equipment nor heavy charges of gym. Push ups, Pull ups, jumping jacks are very helpful to build muscles.

Sometimes you just cant get to the gym to do a workout, which means you need to be building muscle without weights at home.  I realize, some of us have a home gym with weights, and complete with a Bowflex fitness tread climber but for those of you who don’t, you need to have a workout routine that will help you gain lean muscle mass.
Can you really build muscle without weights?
Think about this for a moment.  There are thousands of men and women who go through basic, and more advanced training in the military.  After going through this muscle building training, most have pretty ripped bodies.  And most of their workout routine is body weight exercises.  In fact, they are probably in better shape with denser muscle mass than the average gym rat.
Building muscle without weights doesn’t get the respect it deserves.
As we grow up, we do a ton of these exercises when we are in grade school and up into high school.  Often it is at the end of high school, or after, when we get all absorbed in the gym and lifting heavy weights.  Usually for sport development.
So it must be that we dismiss the body weight exercises because we associate it with being for kids.  certainly the beefcake body building mentality is that “real men lift big and heavy weights”.  Heavy weight lifting is essential for growing in size while muscle building, but you can miss out on obtaining a more fit body by forgetting the body weight training.
But I am too strong for body weight training.
That is complete hooey!  Sure, you may be able to do 5 sets of 50 pushups like its nothing.  Navy SEALs do these all day long.  But, you can adapt the exercises to your level of strength training.  For instance, perhaps you can try one arm push ups… how many of those can you do?
Or maybe just lift up on leg when you are doing the push up- this really works your core more.  Add movement into the exercise like from the plank position pick up you right arm and place it about a foot to the right and then do a push up, explode up and replace the hand into standard position.  Or do diamond push ups.  There are all kinds of modifications to increase the effort and build muscle mass.
Real world applications
Why do you think the military, particularly the special forces, focus on this type of training?  Because it improves the ability to climb, to generate explosive power when you need to dive out of the way of incoming or pick up your buddy and run.
They are in life threatening situations and need the strength and power to get their job done!    And the core of their workout routine is building muscle without weights.
Being fit by doing push ups, or pull ups, jumping jacks, etc. generates different stresses than when you do bench press, lat pull downs, or the like.  The body weight training prepares your body for every day events.
So try to put a body weight workout into your weekly training for two months and see if it makes a difference for you.  You can do these exercises nearly anywhere and at any time.  When I am home watching TV I start building muscle without weights by doing my training during the commercial breaks.

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