Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol when You use Steroids

Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol when You use Steroids on MusclesProd

Alcohol when You use SteroidsNever drink Alcohol when You use Steroids. First off, having a drink here and there is not a bad thing.  It is actually really good for your body once in awile.  But when training and taking steroids, you should stay clear from the substance.  Let me explain why.

When Drinking Alcohol it will slow down your recovery of muscle growth.   The reason is when you drink just half of a beer, your body will start to dehydrate your muscle.  When your muscle becomes dehydrated your body can not use all the nutrients in it to repair your muscle.  How bad does it effect your muscle.  20% from having just one drink.  Your muscles will be starving for growth, this will lead to ineffective workouts.

Beer is also full of empty calories.  No Vitamins and definitely no Proteins.  Drinking just 1 pint of alcohol is the same as eating a happy meal at McDonalds, its waisted nutrients. This will stop fat loss, by spiking your insulin levels and increasing weight gain.

The big problem with Drinking Alcohol is the key fact that it will Lower your Testosterone Levels.   This is a problem because you want to increase your Test levels and Hormone Levels in order to build muscle.  Why do you think so many Anabolic steroid users add Testosterone to every cycle?  It is because it is the best way to add on lean muscle mass.  Testosterone keeps you going, it keeps you happy, strong and even will keep your sex life going strong.   There is a study online that shows Drinking Alcohol or being intoxicated will drop your Testosterone levels to 25% and it does the same with your hormones.  There is no place for drinking when your trying to train seriously or change your bodys athletic ability.

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