Dont buy Whey Protein Powder. Unless….

So the more i pay attention to what im taking into my body the more i noticed how much money i was waisting away on Supplements.  We all no being in the game and using any Steroid we tend to use supplements aswell to make the best out of ourselfs.  In the past we have learned that many companys, sell alot of shit supplements and anything that really works the FDA enjoys taking these products out of the stores.  

When i started to look at protein powders i noticed 2 things.  Whey Protein.  Unless the word Whey Isolate Protein is what you are buying then what you are taking in is just Whey Protein, and this is where you are wasiteing money away.  Let me explain.   Whey isolate gives your body pure protein 28g per scoop exact and this is great.  Whey Protein alone 1 scoop is 28g of protein, actually this is false.  Whey protein has alot of sugar in it because it is a concentrate product, meaning you might get half of the protein i per scoop if that.  See the more you pay the better product you get, just make sure you read.  This has helped my diet tremendously, i feel a whole lot better and hold less fat on my body now.

When choosing your supplements make sure you choose the correct ones. Just like when you choose to buy anabolic steroids you choose the best source and also for information

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  1. I heard this one before. So what is your suggestion, what should the weightlifter buy besides Whey isolate? I’ve read somewhere that micellar casein gets the job done better

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