Primoxyl Tabs

Primoxyl TabsPrimoxyl Tabs from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

Primo is trade name for primobolan tabs.

Active substance in these tabs is: Methenolone Acetate at 25mg/tab.

Primo tabs are considered one of the safest oral anabolic steroids because they are not 17A which means they wont affect liver so much like any other orals.

You can use primo up to 10-12 weeks which you wont do with any other orals like dbol or turanabol for example.

From primo you can expect just quality gains which mostly will remain after cycle.

PCT is recommended even if it is considered Primo wont affect much HPTA.

It will be a good mix of primoxyl tabs and testoxyl propionate (testosterone propionate) for 10-12 weeks for example where Primo tabs will be used at 100mg/day.

With this product you can not worry about gyno as it wont convert to estrogen.

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