Paige VanZant Nude with Fighter Austin Vanderford Home Photo

Recently, professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters Paige VanZant and her husband Austin Vanderford. Had a nude photo shoot in the comfort of their own house.

The home photoshoot pictures radiate beauty, vulnerability, and pure love between the two sweethearts.

Paige VanZant is a renowned undefeated UFC fighter. Who has taken the industry by storm with her bold moves and powerful techniques in the octagon.

She has an impressive 12-4 record as a pro MMA fighter so far. Her success has landed her various opportunities outside of fighting. Such as appearing on Dancing With the Stars and becoming one of Reebok’s sponsored athletes.

To support his wife’s victorious career. Austin Vanderford just completed his first 3-0 run as a professional MMA fighter under Bellator earlier this year.

He was also featured in Reebok’s advertisement series alongside Paige VanZant. The married couple decided to channel their extensive experience kickboxing. Inside their living room to share beautiful moments throughout their naked photo shoot at home created by well-known American photographer Peter Demosky last Monday.

Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford Photos

The stunning photos show off both fighters’ toned bodies while fully clothed for some shots and totally naked for others too!

Paige commented: “Now that we look back at these photos we can really appreciate them for all the hard work we put into our bodies not only professional but personally too” .

The photoshoot aimed to capture the duo’s innocent sensuality while embracing each other around their home atmosphere. Filled with love and companionship which they openly admitted being very grateful for.

In addition to that they used no body filters or face tuning touchups except for brightening it up a bit. During post-process editing which uniquely translates genuine feelings perfectly through every single picture frame captured no matter if bare or clothes were worn during shooting time!

Paige concluded saying: “We are honestly extremely proud & feel blessed to have been able to achieve what we have thus far in life but more importantly made it together through one another’s ups & downs while still being strong enough to go after our dreams with intensity & focus! We did everything from promoting clothing brands before fame was seen behind us, dancing competitions & eventually professional work in front of millions!!! Thank you for making us feel like superstars simply because you appreciated us enough over these past few years really that appreciation does make all within Living come true even when world sees weakness strength is what matters most”.

Overall, Paige and Austin mounted up another unforgettable moment since getting married two years ago. Taking on the redefined direction art should take in delivering heartwarming photography along with meaningful messages about hope, passion and life journey. Which could energize lots more demoralized individuals faced. With situations much greater than what sports figures endure despite having difficult times. Themselves as confirmed by these expressive nude photos shed right out of one’s personal sphere!

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