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  1. Great forum bros, worth joining. Plus they always have something good to share and contets with free gear!!!

  2. A great forum, loads of information, very knowledgeable people.
    There is always someone to talk to, if you need help.
    There is a wealth of experience.
    Everyone is so friendly and always willing to listen and answer your questions.
    Hypermuscles is the Best!
    An excellent site!

  3. Great Forum! As a strength trainer and working with heavy weights, I find little information on dealing with injuries. Perhaps some information on how to accomodate injuries during workouts

  4. hey guys!! im 23 years old, 5,7 inch and 185 pounds, some internet test that i’ve done indicate that my bf is around 20% about 19 pounds overweigth, i use to be 210 some 4 years ago, so i guess thtas not that bad. the last 4 months been hittin the gym, weights for 30-45 min and 30 min of cardio 5x/week. some times i only do cardio for 45-60 min. what bothers me its my body fat, i eat healthy, never fast foods, or fried foods, no candys no sodas, plenty of veggies and frutes(only in morning time) i’m concidering using some steroid to help me loss this fat especially around my waist. i friend brought back from the states (i’m from latin america) a cycle of test e,can this help me??? i dont wanna grow in size just burn the fat and may be a little toneup.. if test e is not the best plzz let me know what would u recoment in my case.. thanx in advance.

  5. i bought dianabol 10 i train intence 3 days a week i take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening i feel i putting on some mass can i take more??would like advice asap please.

  6. yes jot singh,i’ve also tried out dis site madeinhealth.com,its really awesome, a gud nd a reasonable store for body builing suppliments

  7. trying out for body building suppliments hav a luk to url:madeinhealth.com for gud nd reasonable suppliments

  8. I am a newbe to bodybuilding and i have to say this website will help. thanks to those who told me

  9. I was wondering two things where is the best place to buy gear, and I waas wanting to use credit card if possible is there anything like that out here on these sites I have been looking into getting gear over a year I workout all the time and I just want to take it to next level and get extremely ripped up and need some assistance.

  10. GBN Store for great quality products, the best customer service, always answers questions, very courteous. Best I have ever found. I’m a member for life. Don’t fool around give them a shot you won’t be disappointed. They treat customers exactly how they should be treated. Discreet shipping and in a very timely manner 🙂 out of 5 star rating I give them a 10 !!!!!

  11. Hi, I am using MK-677, MK-677 is great for fat loss and you can lose up to 10lb a week and this is great if you want to get ripped or if you would like to do everything you can to try and get the best result out of your workout and even your body as well. Of course, if you want to lose weight but you are not planning on doing any exercise then you know that this may not be a good option for you so this is another thing that you need to consider when the time does come for you to start taking this over the other supplements that are out there.

  12. I get many different suppliers worldwide on hand, if you need a solid one, let me know, s.mateus at protonmail.com

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