What is the best diet for endomorph?

What is the best diet for endomorph? Good question and if you just heard about “endomorph” we found a picture online to show you aproximately how that body type looks.

If you identify yourself as endomorph then we prepared some diet advices.

What is the best diet for endomorph?
three body types

Now regarding diet. It all depends on what you mean by “diet”. In most cases people refer to diet to a limited in calories eating regimen.

Now since endomorph has a slower metabolism than ectomorph and mesomorph he must watch what he is eating.

If an endomorhp is looking to get shredded first thing to do is to switch to a cutting workout, it would be great if it is made of super-sets.

I would start with next Cutting Workout Routine. What-ever you eat be sure to train hard and work muscles all the way, keep them shocked and super-sets will help you with definition as well.


If you are looking to cut and want to keep things simple:

  • just avoid eating food with high calories after 6 PM.
  • do cardio 3-5 days week on empty stomach 1 hour after you get up, the session should be at least 45 min.
  • add fish oil as supplement
  • avoid fast-food
  • drink more water
  • your evening meal must be something like a salad, or rice with fish
  • get 60% of calories in first part of the day

These are some simple advices which works if you follow them.

PS. If nothing helps have a blood work done to be sure your hormonal levels are ok, especially thyroid gland.


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