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[31 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Putnam’s Quad Quiz

After an impressive amateur career that saw him win the light-heavy class in both the USA’s (2007) and Nationals (2008), Tennessean Peter Putnam placed sixth in last year’s Jacksonville Pro 202. “Pump” has long been noted for his quality quads. As evidenced by his legs, he’s the expert. So, pop quiz, hot shot. See how much you know about his thigh training philosophy as you take this Peter Putnam Quad Quiz.

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[29 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Most Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Pass Tests

March 25, 2010
Supplements can help reduce high cholesterol. A new report from ConsumerLab.com reviewed the evidence behind each of the popular cholesterol-lowering ingredients out there. They provided test results for 12 supplement brands. The lab testing focused on supplements containing plant sterols or policosanol and showed most to contain what they listed on their label. They also measured other measures of quality control standards – for example, one product failed to break apart in the disintegration test, suggesting that its sterols would not be properly released and be used by …

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[29 Mar 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Abdominal Exercises – The Truth

Abdominal exercises are one of the hottest, and yet, most controversial topics in the fitness and exercise industry. Hundreds of ab gadgets, gimmicks, and exercise machines have flooded the market for people looking for sexier and flatter abdominals… that sexy six-pack abs appearance that everyone seeks.

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[29 Mar 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Gregg Valentino Book a Sure Best-Seller

Love him or hate him, Gregg Valentino sure has made a name for himself in the bodybuilding industry. There are a class of folks who have made it no secret that they dislike the native New Yorker and that he gives the sport a bad name, but these are the people that know nothing about Valentino other than what they have read on the various Internet forums.

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[23 Mar 2010 | 14 Comments | ]
Bodybuilding Stretching Exercises for Strength Training

Most people imagine strength trainers to be muscle-bound, lacking in mobility and grace­ful posture. Indeed, many strength trainers who neglect to stretch do fit that image. Stretching is highly beneficial for anyone involved in strength training. Not only does it provide numerous health benefits but it can also enhance your muscle size and shape.

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[22 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Flex Lewis videos

Today we have 2 videos with Flex Lewis about who we have written before. Feel free to leave your comments.

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[22 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Flex (James) Lewis will not compete in 2010.

Flex Lewis decided to not compete in 2010. He is one of the IFBB 202 division’s most popular athletes. As Lewis stated to FLEX: “It was a hard choice because I’m a very competitive person,” Lewis said. “But with the support of my wife, nutritionist Neil Hill and my sponsors, I know this is the right thing to do.”
We at MusclesPROD understand that for an athlete who always competes it is not that easy to take a break however Lewis’s batteries needs to be charged.

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[22 Mar 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Vitamin A-Ok

Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the health of your eyesight, as well as your skin, teeth, bones and mucous membranes, including your respiratory tract. This important vitamin can improve your resistance to infection and assist in the growth and repair of body tissues, including muscle. Brand new research shows that vitamin A is critical for energy production in the body.

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[18 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Phil Heath Leading After Pre-Judging, But Kai Greene Makes it Two Straight Arnold Classics

Phil Heath Leading After Pre-Judging, But Kai Greene Makes it Two Straight Arnold Classics
by Joe Pietaro
As the War Memorial was emptying out and the competitors wound down in the Brehm Pump Up room, the judges went over their scoresheets for the afternoon prejudging at the 2010 Arnold Classic. The top six would be calculated, as well as who sat in what placing heading into the evening’s Finals.
Kai Greene came into the show as the defending champion and favorite, but was actually trailing Phil Heath, 10-7. Both men looked good enough …

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[17 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
McCain withdraws support for his own Bill!

Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, S. 3002
McCain withdraws support for his own Bill!
From nutritional supplement consumers to supplement companies, the entire industry has been up in arms about the so-called Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, S. 3002, introduced to Congress by Senator McCain. Well, the Senator himself has withdrawn support of his own Bill, after he became the target of a grassroots campaign to stop the Bill from being passed. He has thus far failed to publicly comment on the withdrawal of support for his own Bill, and …

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[17 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Winklaar’s workouts – shoulders workout

The lightening-paced training of Roelly Winklaar
After taking the overall at last year’s Arnold Amateur, Dutchman Roelly Winklaar made an auspicious pro debut at this year’s Arnold classic, finishing seventh and just missing the posedown. One week later on March 13, he placed third in the Australian Pro, qualifying for this year’s Mr. Olympia and cementing his frontrunner status for rookie of the year. He’s trained by 53-year-old Sibil Peeters, a grandmotherly drill sergeant, and just watching Winklaar’s workouts can make you sweat. We explain why and serve up a typical …

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[17 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
NPC San Diego BB, Bikini and Figure contest

With the start of a busy NPC California year, the NPC San Diego is the first contest of the year, and already it is going in the record books as one of the most popular ever. With 190+ competitors, not counting crossovers, we are looking at a sold out, unreal event in which the best of the best competitors are looking to present a great physique on stage. We will be there, checking it out. See you there.

Source: getbig.com
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[16 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

Axiolabs is is a product-driven pharmaceutical company with diversified expertise. We develop and market unique Pharmaceutical products and services that improve the quality of life Our product development and manufacturing capability, teamed with our ability to market products in many global markets, makes Axiolabs an attractive business partner.Our business is preserving and improving human life and not just selling medicine. We believe All our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.
The reason for our rapid success is due to our Clear Vision, Our Fundamental Value System, …

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[16 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Fake Stanazolol by Zambon S.A. and fake Russian Dbols

Today we have pics of fake Stanazolol by Zambon S.A. and fake Russian Dbols. These products contain nothing but some powder. Total fake. Scam. Rip-off.

Source: rbbgear.blogspot.com
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[15 Mar 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
Joint Juice

Before you turn the page because you think this type of stack is only for those “old” guys who read m&f, consider this: Heavy lifting has been shown to initiate inflammatory processes that not only cause destruction of joint cartilage but also inhibit its rebuilding. So even if your joints move like well-oiled machines today, too much heavy lifting could make you move like the Tin Man well before old age sets in.

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