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Arms training in 30 minutes.

20 August 2009 No Comment

kevinlevroneWe continue series of articles for those who are busy. Today we will talk about arms training. I guess these are most trained body-parts. Most people who come to gym start with arms training as these are mostly exposed to others view.

This training may take 40 minutes. However it will make your arms “burn” and will move you to the next level.

After warming up we will start with biceps.

First exercise is Standing Barbell Curls. Basic exercise for biceps mass.

Wolf Dumbell CurlsStanding Barbell Curls 4×20-12

Seated Dumbell Curls 3×12-8

Concentration Dumbell Curl 3×12-10


Standing Triceps Pushdowns: 4-x20-12

pushdownsTriceps Extensions with EZ-bar 3×12-10

Triceps Dips 3xas much as you can

Arms training came to the end. Now you can watch some arms training videos after which drink a protein shake and share your experience on hypermuscles.com forum.


Lee Priest biceps workout

Kevin Levrone and Shawn Ray are training their arms.

Ronnie Coleman: Invincible | Biceps (High Quality) Iron Version

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