Axiolabs Taldenaplex 10 – Tadalifil Citrate

Axiolabs TaldenaplexAxiolabs Taldenaplex 10 – Cialis (Tadalifil citrate) is the second-generation Viagra, more or less. While the little blue pill may work to give you an erection for 6-8 hours, Cialis is good for 36-48 hours. This obviously makes it much more practical. Why are we talking about this? Well I doubt anyone using endogenous testosterone would need to consider the use of such a compound, this drug can still have some uses during post-cycle therapy. A lot of men find that once they go off steroids and begin post cycle therapy (PCT), they suffer reduced libido as well as erectile dysfunction. Well, Cialis may be useful for helping this, at least during PCT.

The efficacy and safety of Tadalafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction was assessed in a 6-month study. Men with mild, moderate or severe ED were given tadalafil (20 mg) as needed or placebo (“any minute now, baby no, really& “).

Axiolabs Taldenaplex 10 Tadalafil significantly improved erectile function compared with placebo (which only succeeded in embarrassing the men who took it and tried to get laid). At the end of the study, sexual intercourse attempts success rate for those using Cialis was 73.5% (this only refers to the ability to achieve erection and have intercourse, not the actual success rate of those attempting to get laid on a given night).

Cialis Side Effects

Of particular interest to those considering the use of Cialis is that Lack of sexual activity due to erectile dysfunction actually decreases testosterone (T) levels through a central effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Cialis was given to men for a month, and at the end, they had considerably higher testosterone levels, because they got laid more, as it is unlikely that the drug has a different direct effect on the pituitary-testis axis.

This stuff is actually very safe, and was even given 3x a week to men for an extended length of time, and was well tolerated, had very few sides, and was very effective. Thus, it could be another potential compound for inclusion in PCT. Tadalafil (20 mg) significantly improves erectile function, could increase testosterone, and is well tolerated, certainly something to think about after your next cycle.

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