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The steroid user, vs The steroid abuser.

7 July 2011 3 Comments

Taking supplements and Anabolic Steroids should be taken with caution everytime. It does not matter if it is your first cycle or your 10th the side effects can happen when they want and if you dont get Gyno the first time you could get it on your fifth time.  Thats why using these compounds can become so dangerous, careless use when it comes to injecting them, or even when it comes to ending the cycle it deserves respect and mature choices.

A steroid user will be smart.  You will cycle 1 or 2 times a year, and if you cycle more you will cycle them for no more then 12 to 15 weeks and stop for the same amount of time before ever starting another cycle.  You should do this to allow your body to go back to its natural ways, let your Testosterone return to normal so that you dont damage it, and can not produce your own after you stop.  When  a steroid user takes steroids, they will cycle steroids at the lowest dose recomended, this dose will always work for you because your body will not become accustomed to previous cycles.  So your receptors are always new.   When a user begins steroids, he uses a reliable source and talks to other users about the research they done and if they need help, www.hypermuscle.com they can go to for finding the correct information they need. Not only that but you will use new needles everytime you inject and follow pct and keep estrogen fighters on hand.  

Staying on track with your steroid cycle, never missing a injection, and not doing more then recomended will keep you safe and healthy.  Make sure you go to a reliable source and not somone off the streets, so you no your steroids where made properly and safe.  You will not have to worry about, infections.  So now you are completly safe, healthy and your body is always running properly.

A person who abuses steroids will not follow the above.  You will begin your steroids cycle, in which you may not use a new needle all the time.  You buy from users in the gym and dealers on the street, in which can be made by them and carry infectious materials, unlike geneza steroids or sciroxx who use government standards and you no your product is safe.  Never start a steroid cycle with out all of your cycle in hand.  Anyone who chooses to do this, chances there cycle to go wrong and waiste the product, this can mess your blood levels up.  Next if you dont have estrogen fighters, you may see side effects like high water retention and gynocomastia. Abusers also have a higher danger of side effects because of the doses used.

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  • matei said:

    I’ve stayed on test E for 6 months and nothing came bad at the medical tests. At low dosages, you can stay even for a year on cycle. However, due to the fact that the receptors tend to close, it’s obvious that pauses must be made.

  • Classic Bodybuilding said:

    This article is awesome! I’m sure it will help me increase my clientele!

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