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17 September 2009 No Comment

Not each IFBB Pro has a personal blog which is sad for many fans. It is very interesting to track what they are doing, what is their training like at this very moment and to know their goals and advices for newbies.

However there are pros which keep in touch with their fans through their blogs. Today MusclesProd team will post here updates from some IFBB Pros which will participate at Mr.Olympia this year.

We will list in chronological order to not offend any of these great guys.

8_DennisJamesLess than 2 weeks out!

less than 2 weeks to go and I can already see that I’m better than I was the previous 4 shows I already did this year.
It seems that George knows my body better than I know myself, where I would’ve dropped some more carbs already he tells me to keep them in for now and and after sending him pictures from 2 days ago he tells me to drop the cardio to only one 20 minute session a day.
I feel so good that it’s almost scaring me a bit cause I usually never feel this energetic so close to a show but I guess thats just the way it is if you do everything right.
I will do my Flex photo shoots this coming next Sunday and Monday right here in Phoenix, Arizona at Fitness1 gym on Union Hills and 35th Ave. I’m glad the flex staff is sending Kevin Horton out here to shoot me so I don’t have to travel this close to the Olympia.
I decided to drive into Vegas very early Wednesday morning so I have enough time to check in and do some groccerie shopping before all the interviews and athletes meetings.
I am really looking forward to the show and believe me when I say this but you will be in for a treat!!!!!

Congrats to Gustavo Badell and James Lewis for winning the Atlantic City pro show last night!!!


dexter-topI Can Feel It…..

“I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life, oh lord” -Phil Collins

I’m training for the biggest moment of my life…a dream I never though possible, until last year! I have been blessed to start my pro career competing with some of the best bodybuilders in history, Flex Wheeler and Chris Cormier to name a few. This year’s line-up will definitely go down as one of the best in history and I’m honored to be competing with some of the best to defend my title. I’m in the final days of feeling tired and ready to get it over with, I can’t believe how fast time has passed! I am excited that my family will be there and my closest friends. I want to take this moment to thank all my fans for their support and all the emails wishing me good luck. I am focused and feeling good. Taking a year off has allowed my body to respond great to my preparation this year. I’ve also made sure to stay on top of injury prevention like always and get my massages twice a week and weekly adjustments. It’s amazing what preventative care can do. I always arrive in Vegas a week early to be able to relax and stay focused. It’s nice to have time to myself amidst the madness!
Well, that is it for now. Like Phil Collins sang, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”! But I prefer the remix with Tupac! LOL!

Peace out for now and God Bless!

The Blade

What’s going on?

Hey everybody! Just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I am currently in the middle of a two day shoot with Muscletech. We shot back training at Gold’s yesterday, and as usual, it was a tough workout. I am getting drier by the day as I cut back a little on some of my salt intake. I am now seeing what I am going to look like on stage in just over two weeks. The fans will see a much improved Jay Cutler as my waist has gotten smaller which makes my back and legs appear to be larger. It will be an interesting show and I am excited to be part of it. Check out some of my new clothing and video’s available at jaycutler.com. I have a new shirt that I will be unveiling at the Olympia. I’d like to thank the fans for all the support they have given over the years. It truly keeps me going!

Train Hard,

phil heath-front
Gift 2.0 – My Time is Now!!!

Hey guys,

Well, it is now 3 wks before the Olympia and I am definitely excited! My trainer/friend Hany Rambod paid me a visit last weekend to ensure that we bring forth the new and improved Gift 2.0. He and I went back and forth with everything from diet, training to supplements and boy has it made a difference in my physique. I’ve gone from 260lbs down to the low 250s which has allowed me to see even more detailed conditioning in my glutes and hams oh and calves lol! Right now I am staying in contact with Hany at least 3 times per day to ensure that everything is working perfectly. My biggest improvement so far has been my upper body, but now as my cardio has increased, my hams have more hang to them then ever which shall hopefully pay dividends come showtime. I am currently about to train quads and later hams and calves at Armbrust Pro Gym and even with taking in around 120-140g of carbs per day, my intensity will be great!

I have already began using my new infrared sauna and that has helped with thinning out my skin even more than before while not reducing fullness. I have also been tanning more so that I won’t have to use so many coats of tanning solution, as it really made me hot on the Saturday night. I’m relaunching my website www.phillipheath.com within the next few days and it will have more to it than ever before with news, downloadable wallpaper, videos, pics and merchandise. I just got a knock on the door and it was the USPS man delivering my last item of my limited edition Phil Heath drawings. I have 3 different prints of custom drawings that are all individually number 1-200 for a total of 600 prints that will never be issued again. They will also appear for sale on my new site once launch real soon along with my new t-shirts, long sleeves, hats=, tank tops and even some baby t’s for the ladies!

I’ll be seeing Hany along with the Flex crew next week as we will be filming a new photo shoot. I hope to get some of the uncut material for my new dvd so the fans can see some more lifestyle stuff.

Had my appearance on probodybuildingweekly this past Monday night with Dan, Bob and Larry Pepe and I had a blast answering their questions. I really enjoy being able to participate in such discussions as it allows me to remember my purpose in my preparations for the Olympia, but also life. I try and enjoy every moment of this as it has gone by so fast that one day I’ll blink and it will be all over. Hopefully, I will have left a good mark on this great sport and with its fans, so I thank my sponsors along with PBW for giving me a voice, even for talking a lil’ trash lol!

Other than that, I am excited that we all get to battle soon and see who the CHAMP really is. It isn’t about smack talk anymore, as its all about taking care of my business, to be Mr. Olympia!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and eat some brats and drink something in a red cup for me too lol!

Back to the grind: 12 days till Xmass!!

About two weeks from today I’ll be on stage at the O, and I’m still 295-296
pounds. Felt like I got hit by a car when I woke up this morning because of
all the stuff we did at the FLEX photo shoot yesterday – but it was worth it
because we got some really cool stuff. We ended up doing traps, back,
shoulders, bi’s and tri’s, and today we did quads, hams, glutes and abs.
That’s a lot of work!

So I’m going to fly home tonight, wake up in the morning at 6 a.m. and get
back on the stairmill. We’re also going to tighten the diet to straight fish
and veggies, potatoes and rice, fish and greens — and water. Carbs will be


As you can see each of these huge guys is seriously preparing for the competition and we wish them good luck and see you at Mr.Olympia.

Train Smart.

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