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30 July 2010 One Comment

Ok here is what I have used for the past 10yrs. I did not write this, well I wrote it but its based on what was used by a former Olympia contender for years. Follow this to a T. Do not change the protein/fat throughout the whole diet, only carbs will change, Its based on a slow gradual decrease in carbs over 12-15wks. Biggest mistake IMO BBers make is they cut carbs WAY to fast and appear flat by showtime.

DO NOT lower fat intake because if your body recognizes its getting enough it will burn body fat for energy, if you cut fat in your diet your body will hang on to body fat (its first goal is survival and fat is the last thing it wants to burn). You want to burn fat, then you have to eat GOOD fat.

You are going to eliminate all junk food, white floor/rice. Breads (except the first 3 wks you can have some HIGH grain bread but keep it minimal). Fried food (unless in olive oil but minimise). High sugar fruits and all dairy. The first few weeks some melon is OK . Start to minimise sugar at this point and by wk3 eliminate it.

All your carbs should come from complex carbs ( potatoes, brown rice, yams, beans, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, corn and most grains. even clean tortilla chips are fine).
Do not count GREEN veggies in your carbs, eat all you want. They are fiber and dont count.

Protein. try to keep it lean and take in consideration the fat content and dont forget to add that in your total for that meal. Chicken, tuna, turkey, lean beef, lean deli turkey. egg whites.

Fat. try and keep it from good sources but in weight loss your body doesn’t care one way or another but for health reasons minimise saturated fats. olive oil is good, flax seed oil, avocados, even butter just dont get carried away.

Water. your body weight x .66 so a 200lb man will drink 132oz of water per day.

Condiments/marinades/spices. Just be smart. ketchup, mustard, salt/pepper, marinades are fine. no mayo. fat free miracle whip is fine but minimise. Dieting is hard enough without having to choke down a meal. But now if this is for contest prep then these are to be used sparingly then eliminated near the end.

Also there might be days where you slip up and schedule makes it hard. NO BIG DEAL just get back on track as soon as you can, and also something to eat is better than NOT eating.
Also 6 smaller meals are better because by eating more often it speeds up your metabolism and you burn the food more efficiently, and yes you need to eat about an hour before bed, while sleeping your body is in repair and needs the nutrients and also by digesting the food will burn body fat.

Now this might seem like a lot of food at first but try and eat it all, what you are doing is preparing your body for what is ahead and it will kick start your metabolism, you will notice after about the 1st wk your not as full and ready for you next meal. Also try to keep each meal as even as possible but realise this isn’t always possible. You can add a few carbs to early meal and less at bedtime but not by much. You need some carbs even before sleep.
Also meal replacement shakes are fine 2xday(1 after working out), you just have to get the proper ratios of Pro/carb/fat

Try and weight train M,W,F or whatever your WO schedule is.
cardio to start will be 30min 3-4wk

Now these totals are based on a 200lb man but for your totals cals take your body weight x 15 to get your total daily cals. I like a ratio of 40%pro/40%carbs/20%fat. someone that burns faster may go 40/45/15 ratio


weeks 1,2,3 based on a 40/40/20 ratio 200lb man
Total cals per day 3000 cals split into 6meals @ 500 cals per meal. each meal will be
Pro. 50g
Carbs 50g
Fat 11g

weeks 4,5,6 increase cardio to 35min 4-5xwk
Cut carbs ONLY by 200 cals. total cals 2800 per day split into 6meals @ 466 cals per meal. each meal will be.
Pro 50g
Carbs 41g
Fat 11g

weeks 7,8,9 increase cardio to 40min 5xwk. also at this time 1day per wk add 500cal in carbs only. and continue this 1xwk through out. I like to do this on Sat.
cut carbs only again by another 200cals. total cals 2600 per day split into 6meals @ 433 cals per meal. Each meal will be.
Pro 50g
Carbs 33g
Fat 11g

weeks 10,11,12 increase cardio to 45min 5xwk
cut carbs only again by another 200cals. total cals 2400 per day split into 6meals @ 400 cals per meal. Each meal will be.
Pro 50g
Carbs 25g
fat 11g

At this point you should notice a big change in leanness, if your happy with your results and are not going to compete then you are done.
At this point simply add 500-800 cals carbs back into your diet, fluctuate these carbs on a daily bases and you are done.

If you want get even leaner we will add 3 wks. (contest prep)

Wks 13,14
At this point start counting how much sodium you consume daily. Do this for the next 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, add up what you consumed daily on each of the 14 days then divide this number by 14. This will be your average daily sodium intake. You will need this number later.

1) At the beginning of wk 13, decrease your calories by another 200 cals in carbs only. You are now consuming 2200 cals per day split into 6meals @ 366cals.

Pro 50g
Carbs 16.5g
Fat 11g

2) Aerobics 45min 5xwk (adjust + – based on your leanness)

3) Loading day. 1 day per week add 800cals in complex carbs to your total daily cals. This will keep muscles full looking and not flat. Spread these cals out evenly throughout the day, NOT all 1 meal.

4) At this time eliminate ALL dressings, diet soda, condiments etc.

5) Keep all things the same till you have 1 wk to go

6) When you are 10 days away from contest, eliminate
the Carb loading day

Final 7 days (week 15)

Day 7. Keep everything the same

Day 6. Cut carbs in half, until day 3. Again do by evenly cutting back each meal.

Day 5. Stop training legs

Day 4. Keep everything the same

Day 3. Stop all weight training and aerobics. Decrease sodium by half of the daily average you came up with for weeks 13,14.
Drink only water. no coffee, crystal light etc.

At this time double the amount of carbs you were eating on Day7, however, eliminate all vegetables and egg whites. You are eliminating the vegetables to keep estrogen levels from getting to high, many vegetables contain naturally occurring substances called phytoestrogens which can affect your body’s estrogen levels and make you smooth out. You are replacing egg whites with a different protein source to cut back on sodium, and likewise keep you from holding water.
Keep everything else the same Do not cut sodium below 1200-1500mg day (men) and 700-900mg day (women) or you will risk flattening out meaning your muscles may lose volume and appear flat.

Day 2. Keep everything the same. DO NOT restrict water at this time or you risk appearing flat.

Day 1. Keep water intake high but taper as needed based on how your holding it. Decrease carbs by 1/2 to tighten up your skin and really bring out the cuts and abs.

Contest day.

Keep diet the same as Day1.
Water intake. Do NOT restrict water by more than half. drink when thirsty.
Show schedules vary but ideally you will look your best about 3hrs after 4th meal.

Just added for you guys that like to do lean bulkers you can take this same concept and reverse it. Instead of decreasing carbs by 200cals every 3 wks go the opposite direction and increase them by 200cals every 3wks. or increase Pro/carb/fat evenly by 200cals. Just something to consider and gives you another option………………

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