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Lou Ferrigno Workout info.

25 March 2011 One Comment

When Lou Ferrigno was just a teenager, and getting into bodybuilding, he used to look up a lot to Larry Scott – and especially admired his biceps. However, he realized from studying him that while he had a lot of potential, his arms would never look like Scott’s as their structures were just too different. Ferrigno says that he has been using the same workout since 1975, when he won Mr. Olympia.
Ferrigno swears against overtraining, or over exerting the muscles. He says that for more than 30 years, he has been doing the same three or four exercises, with just two to four sets with reps of just eight to 10 – making his bicep workout about 14 sets, taking him just under half an hour to complete. He also believes strongly in using the pyramid method to build your way up when doing strength training, and believes that you get the most results out of the last few repetitions. Ferrigno recommends that no matter how much you move up the amount you lift, you should even if it is only the slightest difference, and that you push your muscles to the limit in the last few sets of an exercise.
To get in a true Lou Ferrigno workout, it’s a must that you do his favorite biceps exercise – incline dumbbell curls. These will give you a full range of motion, and put some stress in your biceps throughout the workout. You also get a great stretch in. Ferrigno recommends lifting your arms at the same time, rather than alternating lift, as he believes this only leads to cheating or making the exercise easier for yourself, and most experts will tend to agree.
Another must of the Lou Ferrigno workout experience are barbell curls and incline dumbbell curls. He really recommends pushing yourself through these, and using the heaviest weights that you can. He also likes to do 21s, which is where you select a barbell that is half the heaviest weight that you lie to use and do a final set of barbell curls.
The final essential for the Lou Ferrigno workout is mixing up the order of the moves – he says this retrains your muscles and changes what they expect from the workout.


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