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High Reps or Low Reps lets talk.

5 March 2011 No Comment

When it comes to building muscle, no other question is asked than the ever famous question “should I be doing high reps or low reps, and what’s better for stimulating muscle growth?”  Well, you’re about to find out. 

I say both.  High reps (8-12 range) will give your muscles that massive balloon look.  Low reps (1-5 range) will give your muscle that dense look.  If you want a great build and you really want to stimulate muscle growth, it’s best to utilize both.

Generally, if you want to increase your strength then you need to focus on low reps.  The best strength building advice I can give you is to keep your reps between 1-5.  Likewise, if you want pure size then it’s best to focus on keeping it in the 6-12 rep range, this is because you are pumping the muscle up with more blood.  That’s not to say that you won’t gain some serious size with low reps, because you will.  Obviously the stronger you are the more muscle fibers you need to lift the weight.  That’s also not to say that staying in the high reps will get you jacked while actually being weak.

I’ve had great results from alternating both high reps and low reps.  This could mean doing one week with low reps and one week with high reps.  This could also mean 4 weeks with low reps, 4 weeks with high reps, etc.

The most important thing that matters when it comes to how to build muscle is that you do what works for you.  Everyone is genetically different, so what works for me or other people probably won’t work as well or at all for you.  So try it out, add your own flavor to it, and get big!

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