How to use Sustanon 270 properly

Dragon Pharma Sustanon 2470
Dragon Pharma Sustanon 270

To keep this simple.

A lot of people do not know exactly how to run this cycle. You will hear about 3 different answers.

First option would be to inject EOD(every other day). You would inject 1 ml Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and so on.

Next option for cycle you will be to inject 2x a week, Monday and then Thursday.

These two options are most popular.

The third option would be to inject Sustanon 270 once a week and if you do this you may hear about not keep stable blood levels however for some people this is only option they take.

Sustanon 270 can be used solo, no need to run oral steroids with it but if you are bulking you may want to add some Dbol or Turanabol for first 4 weeks. If you are going to be cutting Winstrol could be ran at 30 to 50mg daily for 6 weeks but in this case I would replace Sustanon with Testosterone Propionate.

Sustanon solo 12 weeks cycle can be run this way:


1-12 Sustanon @2ml/week;

PCT with Clomid will start two weeks after last injection.

Day 1 – Clomid 100mg
Day 2 – Clomid 100mg
Following 20 days – Clomid 50mg
*If needed you can take it for 5-7 days more at 25mg/day dosage.

TABS are taken with food.

Keep Arimidex on hand in case if gyno signs appear because if you dont take care of that then Estrogen related problems will appear and may ruin your plans. I suggest you also pick up some good PCT meds like Clomid or Klomen. Proper PCT will keep more of your muscle gains made on cycle. Dont cut your self short.

Your diet depending on bulking or cutting, must contain, meat, milk, rice, salads.

You will gain a great amount of weight, then after you are done with your gp sustanon 270 cycle, you should push yourself to workout harder, but slowly cut your calories down, in which you will burn off all the extra fat you put on from the cycle.

This may sound hard but because you put on so much muscle it will be a whole lot easier to loose the weight. It will take you about 6 weeks to loose almost all of what you gained in fat, but you will lean out nicely.

Sustanon 270 is a versatile anabolic steroid that offers several benefits and uses. It is highly effective in building muscle mass, increasing bone density, and boosting energy levels. While it may have potential side effects, it can be used safely and effectively under the guidance of a medical professional. Whether you are a bodybuilder, athlete, or someone who is looking to improve their physical performance and overall health, Sustanon 270 may be worth considering as part of your fitness regimen.

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