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How to grow Bigger arms.

5 July 2011 One Comment

Why should i focus on building up my triceps, they grow when i curl, well they will grow and build your entire arms if you train triceps aswell.   Your Triceps make up 2/3rds of your arms.  Your arms would look fun if you had a nice round Bicep but no tricep to go with it, you are cheating yourself.   Yes it is a tough muscle to build, but once you add it to your routine and train it right, your arms can put on alot more inches and you will look alot better and be alot stronger. 

Here are a few exercises that can put some good size on your Triceps.  A great way to exercise the Tris is to add it to your Chest day, you will see why below in the following exercises.

1. Dips – My favorite.  Because it is your own Bodyweight you will be lifting, you will be Building your own strentgh up in your Triceps to where your body can handle, this will help you define, build and grow your Tricep.  It targets the Tricep very well, and also hits your lower pecks aswell.

2. Skull Crushers – Another exercise that targets the Tricep, this whole exercise focuses on your Triceps.  It is hard to perform with heavy weights, so i suggest a begginer start with what they find comfortable, even just using dumbells is a good way to start off.  For the more acheived weightlifter, start with a curl bar with 70lbs, many new comers to the gym are actually able to start off at 100lbs with the curl bar.  But everyone is different.

3.Push ups.  I cant stress enough what push ups will do for you.  You will obviously be getting a great chest workout, but your triceps also have the most stress on them during this exercise.  Diamond push ups, will really Target your Triceps.  If you can perfrom Hand stand push ups, give them a try and no other exercise will help you like a Handstand Push up.   A great product to check into would be chuck norris, he has the total gym, the pull up bar on this machine, can be flipped for handstand position push ups, it really targets the area and after using it i put an extra 2 inches on my arms from this. 

Growing Big arms, is the same as growing a big body you have to work it all out. You cant just workout what you want because you just cheat yourself from growing your whole body stronger, muscles build of other muscles.

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  • Classic Bodybuilding said:

    All you need to do in this sort of a weight loss process is to eat healthy food in short intervals and work out regularly to shed away those unwanted, extra calories in your body.

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