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Keys to staying Healthy and clear from injury.

2 May 2011 No Comment

When lifting and working out, you get into a routine and are constantly pushing your body to the max.  Some days you can train so much that the your muscles become tight and when you get to your next set you can possibly tear or strain your body and muscle.   

We have many important factors to staying strong and Healthy.  You need to make sure you stay Hydrated.  Before any type of exercise your body needs to be hydrated, to stay strong and to help you function.  Without proper hydration your body will not beable to bring nutrients and protein to where it needs to be.  Along with salts and electrolytes.  

Stretching is another and one of the most important exercises to perform before and after your workout, and even during.  When you stretch you are helping to relax your muscle.  If you are lifting heavy weights your muscles are going to become more tense and and cause the muscle your are training to strain.  If your muscle is straining then this means that you are not stretched out, it is over worked and can tear.  When your muscle Tears it can take up to 2 or 3 months for it to repair depending on the severity.

Before getting into your workout routine you should start out by getting some water into you, people will follow this with 20minutes of cardio to warm up the body, but what you really should do is the 20 minutes of cardio and follow this by stretching out the body part you are going to be lifting with. 

This will allow you to maintain a healthy workout routine and continue to acheive results from working out. Take note that these pre and post workout warmups should be preformed alot while taking anabolic steroid.  This is because you can lift and do alot more on steroids then your body may be ready for, in which can cause an injury alot faster then working out naturally.

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