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What worked better for you. Oral Tren or Injection Tren.

15 October 2011 No Comment

So i wanted to make this post to ask the readers what they liked better.  If you only used one reply with your results.   If you used both what worked better for you.

I have used both, Oral tren from geneza and Tren ace from both sciroxx and gen shi.

Oral tren is my favorite.  I feel less of a stress on my body and i see more noticable results in 5 days time.   A 3 week cycle gave me way better results then the injetions for 6 weeks.     The fat loss was also there more.  500mcg a day. 3 week cycle.

Injectable Tren Ace, I did not see the results for 2 to 3 weeks then they started to come, but by the 6th week it was not long enough for the great results at 75mg a E0d.    I did however feel the side effects right away, i could not sleep, i was tired all day long unless i worked out and i would swet alot.   I think if i injected everyday the results would be better, that will come with my next cycle when im ready.

I would say if you feel to run down or having to many sides, this steroid is not for you, your body is telling you it does not want it, then do not use it.    My body personally just would swet somtimes and i couldnt sleep.  But it never gave me a bad temper, or caused any serious health problems or i would discontinue right away.

So for me Oral Tren is what i enjoy, it is hard on the liver they say so i would use it once a year, or only for a contest.  Yes even maybe 3 weeks before beach season if you been lazy.

So what works for you? How do you like your tren?

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