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BodyBuilding does not mean steroids

30 December 2009 2 Comments

natural bodybuilderby MusclesProd

If you say to regular people that you practice bodybuilding they will ask or presume that you use steroids. Why? Why steroids are always related and discussed in regards to bodybuilding. I must admit, there are bodybuilders who use steroids but that does not mean that each bodybuilder uses steroids.
We can say the same thing about American football players, they also use steroids and not only they. If you a new to the steroids subject you will want to understand that steroids are not magic pill which once taken will make you the guy from the magazine. Steroids are just 10% in your way to the body you want to get. If you do not train correct, if you do not eat correct and if you do not rest enough forget about that body you see in magazines even with steroids.

What is bodybuilding? Bodybuilding is the art of building your body and you can build it without steroids, just go to the gym and train in a correct way, eat clean and sleep enough and your body will begin to change. Did you even try this? Then why are you criticizing  bodybuilders and say all of them use steroids?
If you admire the way they look just tell them this, if you are envy that you do not have such body then go to the gym, find a trainer and begin training. Everything is in your hands and you can still look great without steroids.

Good luck in your way to a better body.

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  • Barbell said:

    Great article and I must admit it is true 🙂

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