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Geneza Pharm – Sustanon 270 cycle info.

14 May 2011 No Comment

GP Sustanon 270

Acetate 20mg
Propianate 30 mg
PhenylPropianate 60 mg
Isocaproate 60 mg
Decanoate 100 mg

To keep this simple. Alot of people do not no exactly how to run this cycle. You will hear about 3 different answers. One would be to inject EOD, every other day. You would inject 1 ml Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and so on. The next cycle you could inject 2x a week, Monday and then Thursday, every 4 days. These are the only 2 i would recomend, the next would be once a week and if you do this you loose out alot on the short esterd Testosterone results. Alot of missed Benefits.

This Steroid can be taken alone, no need to run oral steroids with it but if you are bulking one could run it with 50mg of dball daily for 4 weeks. If you are going to be cutting Winstrol could be ran at 30 to 50mg daily for 6 weeks.

12 weeks cycle should be run.

You can find this product at www.gbnstore.net for about 55$ 10ml meaning 2 to 3 vials would be more then enough for a great strong cycle, and you would probley change your body composition.

Keep Arimidex on hand incase of Gyno problems as there can be Estrogen related problems. I suggest you also pick up some good PCT meds at the the same link from above, 15$ can get you nolvadex and clomid pct and you will keep more of your muscle gains from doing this. Dont cut your self short.

Your diet depending on bulking or cutting, if you are taking test i suggest you bulk cleanly. Eat 2 gallons of milk a week, Eggs, beef, Steak, alot alot of meat. You will gain a great amount of weight, then after you are done with your cycle, you should push yourself to workout harder, but slowly cut your calories down, in which you will burn off all the extra fat you put on from the cycle. This may sound hard but because you put on so much muscle it will be a whole lot easier to loose the weight. It will take you about 6 weeks to loose almost all of what you gained in fat, but you will lean out nicely.

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